Flush for Maschmann

Joining the action on the {10c}:::6c:::3c:::7h turn, Mihai Buzamat checked out of the big blind and called a bet of 500 by Christin Maschmann on the button to see the :::4c on the river. Buzamat checked once more and Maschmann now made it 600 to go, a reluctant call by her opponent followed and Maschmann dragged in the pot with :::Kc:::5c for the second nutflush.

"Table 2 seat 3, and 23 is my favorite number, it is a sign," the German had said upon sitting down. The same table now also features Dehlia de Jong, who has been taking part in several Unibet Open tournaments in the past.

Christin Maschmann31,5001,500
Dehlia de Jong30,000
Mihai Buzamat28,500