Solyom Wins a Flip Against Rinkevicius

Nandor Solyom open-jammed for 176,000 from the hijack. Deivis Rinkevicius snap-called from the small blind after the action was folded to him.

Nandor Solyom: :::Kd:::Qd
Deivis Rinkevicius: :::7s:::7h

It was pretty much a coinflip as to who would win the hand before the flop. The :::8d:::9c:::3h flop temporarily pushed Rinkevicius ahead in the hand.

The :::Td on the turn opened up a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw for Solyom. The flush draw was completed after the :::6d spiked the river to save Solyom’s tournament life and he more than doubled up his stack.

Deivis Rinkevicius665,0000
Nandor Solyom374,0000