Stan Doubles Through Murariu

James Noonan opened to 4,000 first to act and Dan Murariu in the cutoff, as well as Iulian Tataru in the small blind, called. Solomon Stan then jammed for the last 22,500 in the big blind, which sent Noonan in the think tank. The Irishman folded and Murariu reshoved to force out Tataru.

Solomon Stan: :::As:::Qs
Dan Murariu: :::Ah:::9h

Stan flopped top two on :::Ad:::Qh:::2d and Murariu needed running cards to deal the final blow. With the :::Js turn, Stan had the check mark and the :::4h river was already meaningless.

James Noonan200,000145,000
Dan Murariu80,0002,300
Solomon Stan60,00021,000