Stokes From Short Stack to Hero

Gary Stokes started the day with a mere 37,000, but has since turned that into massive 280,000. His latest all in showdown was a big one, as he got it in against Erik Bloma on a :::Ah:::As:::4d flop, holding the :::Ad:::Jd for trips. Bloma held :::4s:::4c for the full house, and could all but yell "fuck sake" when he saw the :::Jh on the turn.

No miracle quads, but the blank :::Qc followed on the river and Bloma was gone.

Rauno Tahvonen is also no longer in contention. A few minutes ago he three-bet to 17,500 and folded to a shove, the remainder of his stack has since vanished.

Gary Stokes280,000242,800
Joachim Gjerstad0-54,700
Miikka Kaihovaara0
Erik Bloma0-36,500
Rauno Tahvonen0-86,200
Marina Adriaans0-65,000
Nicolas Storm-Christensen0-55,900