Vaaraniemi With Massive Stack; King Gone

Greg King

Patrick Clarke won two bigger pots to essentially double his stack and Elias Vaaraniemi skyrocketed to more than half a million in chips, dominating the field early on.

Greg King made the headlines for most of Day 1b before plummeting to an average stack, and he has just been eliminated by Pierre de Montesquiou. King jammed a :::9h:::6c:::5h flop with :::Jh{10h} and the Frenchman called with :::9c:::6h for top and bottom pair. The :::8d turn was an additional sweat, but the :::2d river blanked.

Elias Vaaraniemi600,000220,800
Pierre de Montesquiou245,00076,200
Patrick Clarke240,000117,800
Pavao Veza160,00074,700
Tuomo Niskanen160,00035,000
Greg King0-85,500