Sverkholt Busts to de Montesquiou

The turn showed :::Jd:::8h:::5s{10h} and Pierre de Montesquiou made it 7,500 to go. Only Erik Sverkholt remained in the hand and opted to move all in for 31,400 in total, sending the Frenchman deep into the think tank. Eventually, de Montesquiou called and he was very happy to see Sverkholt turn over :::9d:::9c for a pair and straight draw.

De Montesquiou held :::Kh:::Kc for the overpair and immediately said "come onnn", then had reason to celebrate as the blank :::5d river brought no upset.

Pierre de Montesquiou110,00045,000
Erik Sverkholt0-38,000