The Baltateanu Show Commences

Silviu Baltateanu in the small blind and Stefan Drusca in the under-the-gun position clashed in a big pot, which brought a hefty bet on the :::Ks:::Qs:::8h:::Jd turn and the snap-shove for approximately 190,000 on the :::3c river.

Drusca had barely spent any second to act yet when Baltateanu said "it’s time" and demanded to have the clock called on Drusca. This request was denied and another two minutes passed before Drusca was given 30 seconds to act. During that time, Baltateanu kept talking loudly in Romanian, which he frequently does whenever involved in the poker action, and Drusca ended up folding.

Silviu Baltateanu410,000213,000
Stefan Drusca410,000-80,000