The Final Chip Counts for Day 1b

2020 Unibet Open Dublin

Here’s a look at how the Day 1b qualifiers stacked up at the end of the day. Day 1c is still playing down the final few minutes of Level 10, so the final Day 2 field isn’t quite set yet. At most, 44 players from Day 1c will join the players in this list, and the qualifiers from Day 1a, in tomorrow’s Day 2.

End of Day recap will come once the dust settles on Day 1c.

Weijie Zheng371,000298,000
Mark Ohare266,000122,000
Apostol Virgil Beg230,500198,500
Cedric Freling214,500151,700
Martin Olali212,000162,000
Ilan Cukrowicz187,00042,000
Emil Hegedus167,00080,000
Paul Leckey166,50056,500
Steven Vollers138,00095,000
Johnny Jensen136,00093,000
Jason Tompkins128,00087,000
Thomas Harvey124,00093,700
Mark Smyth118,00012,000
Samuel Baneham105,00034,000
Raymond Mckenna105,00062,000
Mikhael Kvale96,00022,000
Ronan Madden94,50039,500
Quail Vyacheslav93,00034,000
Gedas Petrauskas90,50066,500
Azuz Ben77,50047,500
John Dwyer74,5004,500
Petter Eriksen74,00039,000
Alex Irwin70,00053,000
Chris Dowling66,50046,500
Martin Paap58,00018,000
Adrian Nica57,00037,000
Sjors Harmens54,000-16,000
Thomas Patterson48,000-14,000
Padraig Oneill47,5008,500
Frederick Heyrman47,000-18,200
Daragh Davey44,0009,000
Namir Mohamed41,50011,500
Pieter Aerts40,500-9,500
Rait Viskov40,0007,000
Darius Zyle37,5001,500
Eduardo Rocha37,0007,000
Levente Muzsi30,500-34,500
Dennis Packert22,000-18,000
Marco Herman16,000-58,000