The Finns Are Taking Control

Mark Buckley ended up all in and at risk with :::2s:::2c against the :::9h:::9c of Elias Vaaraniemi and the board of :::Jh:::Jd:::8h:::Kd:::Kc counterfit both pocket pairs to let Vaaraniemi win with nine-high.

Another Finn shot up the leader board in Henri Koivisto and he scored a big pot when flopping a full house against Graham Garside. It was a rough setup for Garside, who held {10h}{10c} on a board of :::Jc:::Js{10s}:::4s:::7c and called two bets by Koivisto before jamming the river only to see Koivisto turn over the :::Jd{10d} in the showdown.

"What can you do? I had a feeling you had it," Garside said in table chat and shook hands with his opponent before heading to the rail.

Elias Vaaraniemi370,00060,000
Henri Koivisto300,000155,000
Mark Buckley0-105,000
Graham Garside00