Groblewski Gets There to Beat Kayhko

Jakub Groblewski

In the final level of the night, the remaining field is getting smaller and smaller with Guillaume Dupuy and Gilles Segers among the most recent casualties.

Segers jammed for around 20 big blinds on the button and ran with :::Ac{10s} into the :::Ah:::Kd of big stack Per Helge Gassand in the big blind. The board of :::8s:::7c:::3h:::3d:::6c brought no help for the Belgian and he was gone. Dupuy departed moments later from a different table and then it was Jakub Groblewski who moved all in blind on blind against Jaakko Kayhko.

Jakub Groblewski: :::6s:::4s
Jaakko Kahyko: :::Ks:::Qs

The board came :::8d:::5c:::3h:::9d:::4h and Groblewski rivered a pair to remain in contention.

Per Helge Gassand275,00045,000
Jakub Groblewski55,0008,000
Jaakko Kayhko40,000-5,000
Gilles Segers0-32,000
Guillaume Dupuy0-48,200