The First Notables on Day 1b

Former Irish Open champion Patrick Clarke, Johan Goslings, Phillip Huxley, Christin Maschmann and €2,200 High Roller runner-up Valentin Cristea are just a few of the notables that have already registered for Day 1b of the Main Event in Dublin. There are already 85 players registered a few minutes into the first level of Day 1b.

Henrik Tellving30,0000
Zac Sloper30,0000
Ivan Tononi30,0000
Linda Nguyen30,0000
Christin Maschmann30,0000
Phillip Huxley30,0000
Johan Goslings30,0000
Valentin Cristea30,0000
Patrick Clarke30,0000
Ronni Borg30,0000
Jean-Serge Baril30,0000
Christopher Heidelbacher30,0000