Szabo Starts Well

Many of the tables started short-handed and filled up soon after, one of them was table 24 that features Michael Farrelly and Pavao Veza. In the 2017 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event, online qualifier Veza made it all the way to the final table and finished in 3rd place for €38,965.

There was already some action on his table, as Levente Szabo raised to 300 and was called two ways by Hendrik Mertens on the button and Farrelly in the big blind. The flop came :::Kc:::3s:::2h and action checked to Mertens, who bet 525. Only Szabo called and check-called another bet of 800 on the :::9d turn. Szabo then led the :::2s river for 1,300 and Mertens reluctantly called.

Szabo rolled over :::Kd:::9h for kings and nines, which won the pot.

Levente Szabo33,000
Pavao Veza30,000
Michael Farrelly29,700
Hendrik Mertens28,000