The High Roller Bubble Bursts

Janos Kurtosi

Benny Glaser has taken over a commanding lead with five players remaining in the €2,200 High Roller and was also responsible for the money bubble to burst. Before that, Jack Sinclair and Kevin Killeen had been eliminated and Janos Kurtosi ended up as the bubble boy.

In a battle of the blinds at 2,000/4,000/4,000 and an average of 135,000, Glaser clashed with Kurtosi and cracked the :::As:::Ah of his opponent with :::3c:::3d thanks to a board of :::Ks:::9h:::3h:::5h{10s}. Two hands later it was all over for Kurtosi, who got his last few chips in with :::As:::6h and Glaser looked him up with the :::9c:::8h as initial raiser in the hand. The board came :::Kd{10c}:::3s:::8d:::Qh and Glaser paired his eight on the turn to reduce the field to the last five.