Kavanagh Out in the Main Event; Reard Ousted in High Roller

Alexandre Reard

Stephen Kavanagh and Frida Andersson clashed in a battle of the short stacks and the former ended up all in and at risk with the :::Qc{10c}. Andersson barely had him covered with :::5c:::5d and won the flip thanks to a board of :::Js:::4s:::2s:::Kd:::8s.

The final nine of the €2,200 High Roller were moved right in front of the feature table and UnibetPoker.fr ambassador Alexandre Reard was just eliminated in 9th place with five spots paid. Short he moved in with the :::9d:::9c and saw Michael Mazilu go all in with the :::Ah:::Qc, Kevin Killeen looked up both shorter stacks with the :::Ac:::Js. The board came :::Ad:::Ks:::4d:::2s:::8d and that was it for Reard, while Mazilu tripled up.

Frida Andersson14,5004,500
Stephen Kavanagh00