Two Seat Open on Table Four

No joy for Gur Sabag. He shoved short with :::As:::Ad and Quentin Laurentjoye called out of the blinds with :::Ac:::9c. The board came :::9h:::7h:::9h:::9d:::4h to provide an overkill while cracking aces.

Soon after, Iustin Cojocaru more than happily called the open-shove of Viliyan Petleshkov for 15 big blinds with the :::As:::Ac in the small blind. Petleshkov only had :::9d:::9h and the board came :::Ad:::8h:::4c:::8c:::3h.

Also eliminated: Henri Vaisanen.

Iustin Cojocaru400,000180,000
Quentin Laurentjoye250,000250,000
Gur Sabag0-44,500
Viliyan Petleshkov0-50,000
Henri Vaisanen0-285,000