Vaseli Holds in Big All-In Pot

Jean Florentin Vaseli

The pot had about 40,000 in it when the board read :::5h:::4h:::3d:::9s and Tim English had 20,000 in front of him. Jean Florentin Vaseli was all in for about 55,000 and English had a decision to make. English called and opened up :::Ah:::Qh for a gutshot straight draw, two overcards, and the nut flush draw. Vaseli opened up :::9h:::9c and was well in the lead.

The river was the :::6d and Vaseli held on to the best hand, scooping himself a pot worth about 150,000. English was left with only 13,000 after the hand, which is about 10 big blinds in the current level.

Jean Florentin Vaseli 150,000
Tim English 13,000 -82,000