Vaseli Applying Pressure

Jean Florentin Vaseli doubled up a couple hands back to a big stack of 150,000 and he’s already using his stack to put pressure on his opponents.

Yaaqov Suliman limped from middle position and Vaseli limped as well from late position. Big blind Stefan Razvan Dragomir checked his option and the three saw the :::7s:::Td:::8d flop appear.

It checked to Vaseli on the flop and he put in a bet of 2,800. Both Dragomir and Suliman called the bet to see the :::6h turn come off the deck.

It checked to Vaseli again and he put in a 7,000 bet this time around. Dragomir folded and so did Suliman and Vaseli took down another pot.

Jean Florentin Vaseli160,00010,000
Stefan Razvan Dragomir80,000-20,000
Yaaqov Suliman57,00017,000