Veza Folds to Jam

On the :::Jh:::5d:::2s:::8h turn, Pavao Veza led for 6,100 and Alex Irwin moved all in for more than 40,000. Veza had a very similar stack size and eventually gave up the pot, folding :::Ac:::Jc face up. Further counts are listed below.

Ian Simpson237,0002,000
Mick McCloskey170,000120,000
Peter Curry165,000-5,000
Peter Cahill160,00080,000
Quentin Lecomte140,000-10,000
Richard O’Neill140,0000
Monica Vaka140,00010,000
David Lappin125,00035,000
Lisa Vannatta108,0003,000
Benny Glaser105,00035,000
Alex Irwin60,00060,000
Pavao Veza33,000-5,000