Walsh Cracks Aces to Bust McNamara; de Jong Also Falls

Luke Walsh

The turn showed :::Jh{10s}:::4c:::Jc and Luke Walsh bet 5,800 from the under-the-gun position, which Declan McNamara called in the cutoff with some 14,000 behind. Walsh quickly shoved the :::4h on the river and McNamara gave it 15 seconds before splashing in his remaining chips.

Walsh rolled over the :::Jd:::8d for a full house and McNamara mucked :::Ah:::Ac.

"Nice hand, I would not have gotten you out of the hand anyways how the board was," McNamara shrugged and Walsh nodded.

The very next hand, Walsh was barely done stacking, he was in the big blind and faced Dex de Jong on the button. Again they built a big pot throughout a boars of :::Jc{10s}:::9s:::4h:::3h and Walsh moved all in on the river with 40,000 in the middle. Only 20,000 were behind for de Jong and he called it off after some consideration, was shown the :::Qc:::8c by Walsh and sent his :::Qs{10h} into the muck.

Walsh, who already had a decent stack before those two hands, essentially doubled that to rise to the top of the leader board.

Luke Walsh130,00075,000
Declan McNamara00
Dex de Jong00