Wesselink Takes a Nice One

Wim Wesselink

Alex Hendriks opened from middle position with a raise to 55,000 and he was called by Wim Wesselink in the small blind, and WeiJie Zheng in the big. The flop came :::3s:::3d:::6h and Wesselink check called a bet from Hendriks, while Zheng got out of the way.

They both checked the :::8d turn, but when Wesselink checked the :::Kd river, Hendriks tossed out a bet of 185,000. Wesselink check-raised to 400,000, sending Hendriks into the tank for a bit, but he finally found the fold.

Steven Vollers 1,430,000 470,000
Jamie Nixon 1,235,000 95,000
Ciaran Burke 1,110,000 -90,000
Wim Anne Wesselink 995,000 65,000
Alex Hendriks 965,000 -545,000
Samuel Baneham 935,000 -310,000
Espen Uhlen Jorstad 890,000 145,000
Weijie Zheng 820,000 175,000
Martin Olali 445,000 0