Yanyuk Busts Two

Andrey Yanyuk

Pasi Kakkonen got his last 10,000 or so in preflop and Stefanita Fechete jammed for more than two times of that. Andrey "reynad" Yanyuk joined the action with the biggest stack and created the following three-way showdown:

Pasi Kakkonen: :::As:::9c
Stefanita Fechete: {10s}{10d}
Andrey Yanyuk: :::Ah:::Qc

Yanyuk flopped best on :::Ad:::8c:::6c and improved to the nut flush with the :::Kc turn and :::Ac river to dispatch Kakkonen and Fechete.

Andrey Yanyuk90,00036,000
Pasi Kakkonen00
Stefanita Fechete0-40,000