Pawel Zoladkiewicz Eliminated in 12th Place (€7,500)

Pawel Zoladkiewicz found pocket aces in late position and he raised to 115,000. Tomasz Kozub sat on the button with ace-jack off suit and he moved all in for 875,000. Zoladkiewicz called and put Kozub at risk.

The board ran out :::Qc:::Kc:::Qs:::Kd:::Ts and Kozub hit an amazing river to double up through Zoladkiewicz and leave him behind with just a big blind and a half.

He folded six-five from the under the gun position and was big blind the next hand. He had two antes behind and had to win with :::Jc:::9d against Cosmin Cimpeanu his :::Qh:::4c. The board brought :::Tc:::5h:::4h:::8h:::2d and Zoladkiewicz was eliminated from the tournament.

Tomasz Kozub 1,700,000 475,000
Pawel Zoladkiewicz 0 -855,000