Bernhardsen Doubles Up With Quads

Gerret van Lancker, the Unibet Open London 2018 champion, raised to 3,000 and when the action was on Nikolai Bernhardsen he clicked it back to 6,000. Van Lancker decided to move all in for effectively 42,500 and Bernhardsen called.

Gerret van Lancker: :::Ac:::Ks
Nikolai Bernhardsen: :::8s:::8h

The flop was already very good for Bernhardsen when the dealer opened up :::6h:::8d:::Tc. Bernhardsen tried to hold it in but he let out a small cheer and a semi-internal fist pump. The turn was the :::4h and that meant Bernhardsen had secured the double up, but the dealer completed the board with the :::8c and that gave Berhardsen quads to double up.

Nikolai Bernhardsen 87,000 17,000
Gerret van Lancker 34,000 34,000