Ghafoor Doubles Through Jordon

Farook Ghafoor

Start-of-the-day chipleader Terry Jordon wasn’t able to enjoy the top spot for long, as he just tumbled down the leaderboard. It was Farook Ghafoor who scored a full double up through the former chipleader.

After hefty preflop action, which also featured Neophytos Neophytou, Ghafoor got his stack of 83,000 in with :::Qc:::Qs against Jordon’s :::9h:::9d. The board ran out :::Ad:::3h:::2s:::Kh:::Ac which gave Ghafoor a lot more to work with.

Terry Jordon 275,000 -81,000
Farook Ghafoor 190,000 106,000