Van Lancker Claims the Chip Lead

Gerret Van Lancker

A player in late position opened to 5,300, Krishna Nagaraju called on the button and Gerret Van Lancker called from the small blind. Nicholas Hennessy was in the big blind, but hasn’t shown up today yet.

The flop was :::9d:::4h:::2d and after Van Lancker checked, the initial raiser bet 7,000. Both Nagaraju and Van Lancker called. The :::Qd on the turn was checked to Nagaraju, who bet 23,400 with around 65,000 behind. Van Lancker moved all in, the initial raiser folded and Nagaraju called after some deliberation.

Krishna Nagaraju: :::Ks:::Qc
Gerret Van Lancker: :::Jd:::Td

Nagaraju was drawing dead against Van Lancker’s flush and left the tournament area before the :::Kh even fell on the river.

A few hands later, Van Lancker also won in a three-bet pot against Krzysztof Jaguscik and is now sitting behind a towering stack of 465,000.

Gerret Van Lancker 465,000 159,200