Hakala Busts in Brutal Fashion

Hand #1

Down to only 18,000, Tomas Motrimas was all in with the :::Js:::3d and Henri Koivisto called with the :::Kc:::Qc. The board came :::6c:::4d:::2h:::Jd:::9d and Motrimas got there on the turn.

Hand #2

Peter Cahill shoved for 102,000 on the button and Motrimas called for fewer than that from the small blind, Ville Hakala called all in out of the big blind.

Tomas Motrimas: :::As{10h}
Ville Hakala: :::Js:::Jh
Peter Cahill: :::Ac:::2s

The :::Jd:::5s:::2h flop all but sealed the fate of Motrimas, but the :::4c turn and :::3h river turned top set into the worst hand. Cahill chipped up the most in the side pot and Hakala headed to the rail with a bad beat story to tell.

Henri Koivisto380,00050,000
Peter Cahill275,000122,000
Tomas Montrimas110,00080,000
Ville Hakala0-190,000