Petrascu Doubles Through Irwin

Alex Irwin and Bogdan Petrascu clashed and the latter ended up all in and at risk for 53,500.

Bogdan Petrascu: :::Jc:::jd
Alex Irwin: :::7h:::7c

Irwin was behind and pulled the old "stand up from your chair and get there" trick out of the hat, as he improved to a full house on the :::7s:::5s:::5c flop. Petrascu applied the same strategy and immediately regained the lead on the :::Js turn, the :::5d river was a blank and Petrascu doubled. Irwin was left with seven big blinds and lasted only a few moments longer.

Gary Stokes375,00095,000
Thomas Fitzgerald325,00088,400
Kasper Mellanen265,00099,000
John Farrell220,000111,300
Markus Heikkila130,00025,700
Quentin Lecomte124,000-35,400
Bogdan Petrascu115,00010,500
Jack Sinclair80,00015,300
Monica Vaka80,000-38,100
Dara O’Kearney45,000-85,000
Alex Irwin0-60,000
Paul Leckey0-50,500