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Sunday 2nd
18:09 Christophe De Meulder Wins the Unibet Poker Belgian Championship Main Event!
17:09 Samir Akhoullou Eliminated in 2nd Place
17:09 De Meulder Shoves on Akhoullou
17:09 Akhoullou Doubles Up
16:09 Akhoullou Turns a Set
16:09 De Meulder on Top
16:09 De Meulder Getting Even
16:09 Level 29 Started
16:09 Heads-Up Play Started
16:09 Dominique Potenza Eliminated in 3rd Place
15:09 Chip Counts After the Break
15:09 Break
15:09 Potenza Folds to De Meulder
15:09 Koen Lauwereys Eliminated in 4th Place
14:09 Akhoullou Catches De Meulder’s Bluff
14:09 Level 28 Started
14:09 Jonas Van Baelen Eliminated in 5th Place
14:09 Potenza Takes Chip Lead
14:09 Tom Hermans Eliminated in 6th Place
13:09 Peter Dupont Eliminated in 7th Place
13:09 Chip Counts After the Break
13:09 Level 27 Started
13:09 Break
13:09 Dupont Doubles Again
12:09 Dupont Doubles Through Potenza
12:09 Werner Schroons Eliminated in 8th Place
12:09 Level 26 Started
12:09 Fabrice Halleux Eliminated in 9th Place
11:09 Big Stacks Clash
11:09 Slow Start
11:09 Level 25 Started
11:09 Shuffle Up and Deal
11:09 Who Will Be Crowned the Winner of the Unibet Poker Belgian Championship Main Event Tonight?
Saturday 1st
23:09 De Meulder Takes Chip Lead into the Final Table!
22:09 Yves De Jongh Eliminated in 10th Place
22:09 Wesley Peinen Eliminated in 11th Place
21:09 Giuseppe Vassallo Eliminated in 12th Place
21:09 Level 24 Started
21:09 Naim Khirat Eliminated in 13th Place
21:09 Jelle Janssen Eliminated in 14th Place
21:09 Tom De Boom Eliminated in 15th Place
20:09 Level 23 Started
20:09 Break Time
20:09 Yves Terrier Eliminated in 16th Place
20:09 Vassallo Tanks and Folds
19:09 Two Tables Left
19:09 Three Left in the Last Longer
19:09 Level 22 Started
19:09 Van Belzen Eliminated by De Meulder
19:09 Chip Counts
19:09 Khirat Doubles Through Van Belzen.
19:09 Leppens Eliminated in 21st Place
19:09 Vansteenkiste Eliminated by De Boom
19:09 Level 21 Started
18:09 Verbraecken and Vandendriessche Eliminated
18:09 Schroons Takes Van Lancker Out
18:09 Londez Eliminated by Hermans
18:09 De Bondt Doubles Through Londez
18:09 Top Chip Counts After the Break
18:09 Level 20 Started
16:09 Dinner Break
16:09 Vansteenkiste Triples Up
16:09 Almost Time to Eat!
16:09 Dingenen Done In by Peinen
16:09 Van Der Sijpt Short
16:09 Van Belzen Taken Down Van Froyenhoven
16:09 Lappin Loses to Terrier
16:09 Chip Leaders After the Break
16:09 Level 19 Started
15:09 Second Break
15:09 De Vos Takes From Caglan
15:09 Zekeriya Over De Boom
15:09 Stevens Scooped by Potenza
15:09 Magerat Makes His Way Out
15:09 Level 18 Started
15:09 Caglan Doubles Van Marwijk Up, Still has Heaps
14:09 Stylemans Doubles Up
14:09 Everyone is in the Money
14:09 64 Left
14:09 Bubble Approaching
14:09 Level 17 Started
14:09 Callens More Than Doubles
14:09 Van der Kooi Takes Pollet Down
13:09 Swyngedouw Pushes Remysen Out
13:09 Current Top Five in the Chip Counts
13:09 First Break of the Day
13:09 De Boom Builds up Stack
12:09 Main Event, Ladies Event, and Deepstack Update
12:09 Leppens Wins With Aces
12:09 Verbanck Claims Chip Lead by Cracking Aces
11:09 Stevens Takes De Loof Out
11:09 Level 14 Started
11:09 De Zutter Doubles Through Keppens
11:09 Van Boxstael Wins Against Lappin
10:09 Who Will Reach the Final Table of the Unibet Poker Belgian Championship Tonight?
Friday 31st
23:08 Seat Draw Day 2 (By Table and Seat)
23:08 Seat Draw Day 2 (By Chip Count)
23:08 Van Baelen and Caglan Claim Chip Lead for Day 1 b and Day 1c
22:08 Play Ended
22:08 Six More Hands
22:08 Lattrez Doubles Vassalo Up
21:08 Van Lieshout Doubles Through Bauwens
21:08 Total Number of Entries Confirmed
21:08 Level 12 Started
21:08 Mertens Takes Van Wordragen Out
21:08 Player Drinks on Saturday at 11:30 PM!!!
20:08 Safaryan Doubles Hermans Up
20:08 De Vos Doubles Through Lattrez
20:08 Day 1c Update
19:08 Level 10 Started
19:08 Pappas Folds to Vanfroyenhoven
19:08 Janssens Doubles Terrier Up
19:08 De Pre Doubles Through Safaryan
18:08 Mertens Takes From Verheyen
18:08 Coulier, the Greatest Player of All-Time
18:08 Day 1c’s Dealers Have Shuffled Up and Dealt
16:08 Dinner Break
16:08 Saelens Doubles Dubois Up
16:08 Mertens Caught Bluffing
15:08 Current Top Chip Counts
14:08 Level 5 Started
14:08 Janssens Loses to De Cuyper
13:08 Top Chip Counts
13:08 Level 4 Started
13:08 First Break of the Day
13:08 Lemmens over Lammens and Verstappen
12:08 Level 3 Started
12:08 Bauwens over De Bock
12:08 Van Baelen Doubles Through Van Marwijk
12:08 Unibet Live Casino Tournament
11:08 Stacked Table
11:08 Level 2 Started
11:08 Busy, Busy, Blankenberge
11:08 First Familiar Faces in the Field
11:08 Level 1 Started
11:08 Shuffle Up and Deal Announced for Day 1b
10:08 Who’s Ready for Day 1b of the Main Event?
Thursday 30th
23:08 Moradi Takes Chip Lead; Halleux, Neuville, and Lappin Also Through to Day 2
22:08 Play Ended and Final Chip Counts
22:08 Four More Hands
21:08 Last Twenty Minutes
21:08 De Kock Kicked Out
21:08 Level 12 Started
21:08 Nalinnes Not Scared
21:08 Bayarassou Folds to Helsen
21:08 Elaut Doubles Through Moradi
20:08 Dingenen Loses to Khirat
20:08 Five and Two Tables Left
20:08 Lappin Takes Theys Out
20:08 Top Ten Chip Counts
20:08 Satellite Numbers Confirmed
19:08 Level 10 Started
19:08 Break
19:08 Moradi Doubles Van Wulpen Up, Still in Chip Lead
19:08 Final Numbers for Day 1a
18:08 Longhe Sends Huysmans Home
18:08 Top 5 Chip Counts
18:08 Level 8 Started
16:08 Dinner Break
16:08 Satellite at 7 PM
16:08 Neuville Forces Folds
16:08 Allard Takes Van Damme Down
15:08 Lerouge Doubles Up
15:08 Level 6 Started
15:08 Second Break of the Day
15:08 A Pot for Khirat
14:08 Gabel and Ram Clash
14:08 Ram Knocks Baudewijn Out
14:08 Level 5 Started
14:08 Nalinnes Over 100,000
13:08 Current Chip Leaders
13:08 Level 4 Started
13:08 First Break of the Day
13:08 Maes Makes Huysmans Fold
13:08 Lappin Joins, Schroons Leaves
12:08 Level 3 Started
12:08 Depoorter First Out
12:08 Gabel Shoves and Gets a Fold
11:08 Level 2 Started
11:08 First One for Nalinnes
11:08 First Faces in the Field
11:08 Level 1 Started
11:08 Shuffle Up and Deal
10:08 Day 1a of the Unibet Poker Belgian Championship 2018 is Set to Start at 1 PM!


The third Unibet Poker Belgian Championship kicks off next week in the buzzing seaside resort of Blankenberge.

Hundreds of players are expected to attend the popular tournament, which won Event of the Year at the Belgian Poker Awards in April.


The 2018 edition of the Championship, which takes place at Casino Blankenberge on the town’s lively seafront, has been expanded this year and will now run over five days with a total of seven tournaments. The event starts next Wednesday (August 29) and will run through to the final day on Sunday, September 2.

The €550 buy-in Championship Main Event features unlimited re-entries across three start flights and starts with Day 1a at 1pm on August 29. Day 1b kicks off the following day at the same time and a turbo Day 1c flight gets underway later on at 8pm. Players who don’t make it through Day 1a will be allowed to re-enter again on Day 1b, and again on 1c.

The tournament boasts a fantastic structure with 50,000 starting stack and 45-minute levels for the first two start flights, as well as on Day 2. The blind levels increase to 60 minutes for the third and final day.

In addition to the €550 buy-in Main Event, one of the highlights of this year’s expanded schedule is the €70 + €10 #QueenRules Ladies Event. #QueenRules is a new poker variant using a special deck in which the Queen outranks the King, part of Unibet Poker’s campaign to build conversations around gender bias and gender equality.

Other events on the packed UPBC schedule include two super satellites for the Main Event, a two-day €200 + €20 No Limit Deepstack tournament, a €100 + €10 NL Turbo and €100 + €10 single re-entry Progressive Super Knockout.



Casino Blankenberge

Zeedijk 150,
8370 Blankenberge


Unibet Poker Belgian Championship 2018

Wednesday 29 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
19:00Satellite Main Event€70 + €1020 min10,000Start lvl. 7Re-entry

Thursday 30 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
13:00Main Event - Day 1A€500 + €5045 min50,000Start lvl. 8Re-entry
19:00Satellite Main Event €70 + €1020 min10,000Start lvl. 7Re-entry

Friday 31 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
13:00Main Event - Day 1B €500 + €5045 min50,000Start lvl. 8Re-entry
20:00Main Event - Day 1C €500 + €5020 min50,000Start lvl. 8Re-entry

Saturday 1 September

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
13:00Main Event - Day 245 min
14:00Ladies Event €70 + €1025 min15,000Start lvl. 81 Re-entry
15:00NLH Deepstack Day 1 €200 + €2030 min20,000Start lvl. 8Freezeout
20:00NLH Turbo €100 + €1015 min10,000Start lvl. 7Freezeout

Sunday 2 September

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
13:00Main Event - Final Day60 min
13:00NLH Freezeout Day 240 min
13:00Progressive Super Knockout (50%) €100 + €1015 min.10,000Start lvl. 91 Re-entry