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Anton Vinokurov


Anton Vinokurov managed to win the tournament in an impressive way; having the chip lead for the last day from start to finish, ending as the lone survivor of the 592-strong field and winning €103,060.

“When there were five players left, I knew I would win. I felt no other players could beat me.”

Cosmin Cimpeanu


Carmen Zainescu


Florin Elisei


Adrian Ionescu


Voytech Susta


Vitalijs Zavorotnijs


Amir Shomron


Daniel Chutrov


Final Day

Tournament Updates

Monday 6th
07:08 Anton Vinokurov Wins the 2018 Bucharest Unibet Open Main Event (€103,060)
Sunday 5th
16:08 Players at the Unibet Open Earning Battle of the Champions Leaderboard Points
16:08 Cosmin Cimpeanu Eliminated in 2nd Place (€64,050)
16:08 Cimpeanu Doubles Up
16:08 Level 29 started
16:08 Vinokurov Extends His Lead
16:08 Carmen Zainescu Eliminated in 3rd Place (€44,170)
15:08 Updated Chip Counts
15:08 Double Up for #QueenRules Champion Zainescu
15:08 Florin Elisei Eliminated in 4th Place (€32,720)
15:08 Level 28 started
15:08 Cimpeanu Gets a Shove Through
15:08 Chatting with Jorstad and Tahvonen about the Unibet Open and More
15:08 Zainescu Gives Up
15:08 Preflop Party
14:08 Adrian Ionescu Eliminated in 5th Place (€25,170)
14:08 Double Up for Ionescu
14:08 Vojtech Susta Eliminated in 6th Place (€19,360)
14:08 Amir Shomron Eliminated in 8th Place (€12,390)
14:08 Vitalijs Zavorotnijs Eliminated in 7th Place (€15,490)
14:08 Level 27 started
14:08 Break
14:08 Updated Chip Counts
14:08 Susta Cracks Kings
13:08 Daniel Chutrov Eliminated in 9th Place (€9,910)
13:08 Unibet Open Tournament Director Kenny Hallaert Has a Passion for Poker
13:08 Ionescu Doubles Up
13:08 Vinokurov Crosses the 5 Million Mark
13:08 Lappin and O’Kearney Discuss the Unibet Open Bucharest and The Chip Race Podcast
13:08 Updated Chip Counts
13:08 Double Up for Zainescu
13:08 Carmen Zainescu Looking to Add a Main Event Title to her #QueenRules Title
13:08 Zainescu Gives Up
13:08 Ionescu Gets a Jam Through
13:08 Shomron Leads Out and Takes the Pot
13:08 Level 26 started
13:08 Updated Chip Counts
13:08 Cimpeanu Squeezes Up to 30 Big Blinds
12:08 Zavorotnijs Takes it Down With a Continuation Bet
12:08 Yaron Turgeman Eliminated in 14th Place (€6,520)
12:08 Pawel Zoladkiewicz Eliminated in 12th Place (€7,500)
12:08 Lucian Bera Eliminated in 11th Place (€8,620)
12:08 Tomasz Kozub Eliminated in 10th Place (€8,620)
12:08 Zavorotnijs Gets A Jam Through
12:08 Zainescu Doubles Through Vinokurov
12:08 David Lappin Eliminated in 15th Place (€6,520)
12:08 Final Table Payouts
12:08 Seat Draw
12:08 Double Up for Ionescu
12:08 Final Table Start
11:08 Final Table Chip Counts
11:08 The Final Table Has Been Reached
11:08 Feature Table Chip Counts
11:08 Wendt Eliminated in First Hand of the Day
11:08 Shuffle Up and Deal
11:08 Vahdat Takes One Down
11:08 Two Different Styles at Two Different Tables
11:08 Level 25 started
11:08 Double Up for Amir Shomron
11:08 Kenny Hallaert Explains What’s New at the Unibet Open
10:08 Arvin Vahdat Eliminated in 13th Place (€7,500)
10:08 Level 24 started
10:08 Chip Counts Outer Table
10:08 Slow Start
10:08 Deivis Rinkevicius Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,870)
09:08 Chutrov Doubles Off Shomron
09:08 Bera Doubles Off Zavorotnijs
09:08 Vinokurov Raises Three in a Row
09:08 Final Two Tables
09:08 Level 23 started
08:08 The Final Day of the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event Starts at 12 p.m.
05:08 Anton Vinokurov Leads 17 Players to Day 3 of the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
Saturday 4th
23:08 Elisei Wins Big Pot Against Zainescu
22:08 Decher Eliminated by Vinokurov
22:08 End of Day Chip Counts
22:08 End-of-Day Chip Counts
22:08 Three More Hands
22:08 Brutal Ending for Kirilov
21:08 Wendt Doubles Up After Rollercoaster Runout
21:08 Vahdat Wins With Ace High
21:08 Payouts: 31st-28th (€3,870)
21:08 Level 22 started
21:08 Level 22 started
21:08 Level 22 started
21:08 Level 22 started
21:08 Cards In the Air
21:08 Chip Count Update
21:08 Paused Clock
21:08 Payouts: 23rd-21st (€4,770)
21:08 Vinokurov Eliminates Tavoularis
20:08 Break
20:08 Kozub Eliminates Dutu From the Main Event
20:08 Payouts: 27th-24th: (€4,290)
20:08 Chip Counts Table 2
20:08 Zoladkiewicz Takes It Down With a Continuation-Bet
20:08 Small Ball Everywhere
20:08 Tavoularis Doubles Up
19:08 Level 21 started
19:08 Susta Lays it Down
19:08 Zoladkiewicz Eliminates Scobai
19:08 Bera Takes from Vinokurov
19:08 Wendt Picks Up a Pot
19:08 Few Flops; Chip Counts Table 2
19:08 Zainescu Eliminates Pohnke
19:08 Redraw
19:08 Tsokaridis Sent to the Rail in Greek On Greek Battle
19:08 Restart
19:08 Feature Table Chip Counts
18:08 Puumula Eliminated on the Feature Table
18:08 Redraw
18:08 Level 20 started
18:08 Delayed Break
18:08 Vahdat Eliminates Fechete
18:08 Kozub Eliminates Or on a Rollercoaster Hand
18:08 Updated Chip Counts Table 4
18:08 Lappin Folds to Elisei
18:08 Payouts: 39th-32nd (€3,480)
17:08 Level 19 started
17:08 Moolhuizen Out on a Bluff
17:08 Payouts: 46th-40th (€3,140)
17:08 Sinclair Eliminated From the Main Event
17:08 Lappin Gets a Shove Through
17:08 Solyom Wins a Flip Against Rinkevicius
16:08 Lucky Double for Sinclair
16:08 Chip Count Update
16:08 Level 18 started
15:08 Dinner Break
15:08 Susta With a Seven-Figure Stack After Eliminating Grimberg
15:08 Payouts: 55th-49th: (€2,830)
15:08 Vinokurov Busts Hyper-Turbo Champion Locke
15:08 Updated Chip Counts
15:08 Payouts: 63rd-56th (€2,550)
15:08 Sinclair Wins Big Pot Without Showdown
15:08 Espensen Flushes Out Popov’s Aces
15:08 Qualifier Van Dijk Eliminated
14:08 Payouts: 71st-64th (€2,300)
14:08 Popov Eliminates Ciocov
14:08 Updated Chip Counts
14:08 Level 17 started
14:08 Start of Day Chip Leader Aleksi Himanen Eliminated
14:08 Long Road for Noud “_Noud_” van Dijk
14:08 Payouts: 79th-72nd (€2,070)
14:08 Linnemann Doubles Through Moolhuizen
14:08 Payouts: 87th-80th (€1,860)
14:08 Tudose Chips Up with a Four-Bet Shove
13:08 Level 16 started
13:08 Alecu Bubbles the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
13:08 Short Break
13:08 Alecu Bubbles the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
13:08 Agapie Eliminated on the soft bubble
12:08 Wendt Folds a Full House On the Bubble
12:08 90 Players Remaining After Kingma Eliminates Voiculescu
12:08 Markov Takes From Moolhuizen
12:08 Locke Eliminates Rosca Right Before the Money
12:08 Level 15 started
12:08 Recent Eliminations
12:08 Moolhuizen Stacking Up
11:08 Big Stacks
11:08 Ionescu Eliminated by Scobai
11:08 O’Kearney Eliminated on a Flip
11:08 Level 14 started
11:08 Break
10:08 Widmann Eliminated
10:08 Updated Chip Counts
10:08 Recent Eliminations
10:08 Puumala Takes Down Spasov
10:08 Mihoci Triples Up
10:08 Level 13 started
10:08 Petrica Can’t Win Against Deuces
09:08 Payouts
09:08 Early Eliminations
09:08 Iftima Doubles Up in Marius v. Marius Battle
09:08 Welcome to Day 2 of the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
09:08 Shuffle Up and Deal
09:08 Level 12 started
08:08 Day 2 Seat Draw
04:08 Day 2 Seat Draw
04:08 Himanen Grabs Overall Chip Lead; Lappin Through to Day 2
04:08 Final Chip Day 1b and Day 1c Chip Counts
Friday 3rd
21:08 End-of-Day Chip Counts
20:08 Three More Hands on Day 1c, Four More on Day 1b
20:08 Recent Eliminations
20:08 Final Level of Day 1c
20:08 Langfeldt Eliminates Unibet Poker Ambassador Espen Jorstad
20:08 Lappin Takes Down a Small Pot
20:08 Togerman Eliminates Pirlanescu
20:08 Registration Closed
20:08 Level 11 started
20:08 Jorstad Doubles Fellow Norwegian Langfeldt
20:08 Stoian Hits a Lucky Double
19:08 Bogdan Triples with Aces
19:08 Day 1c Bustouts
19:08 Unibet Ambassador and Esports Sensation Scott “Sco” McMillan Eliminated
19:08 Sinclair Eliminated From Day 1b After Losing a Flip
19:08 Peters Catches Amar Bluffing
19:08 Top Chip Counts
19:08 Oghabian Eliminates Madalin, Takes Chip Lead
19:08 Sinclair Takes a Hit
19:08 Level 10 started
18:08 Last Break of the Day
18:08 Di Cesare Wins Three-Way Pot
18:08 Steady As he Goes
18:08 Simpson Busts Gilboa
18:08 Oghabian Doubles Up Through Tusnea
18:08 Mihanen Wins Huge Preflop All-in
17:08 Level 9 started
17:08 Sinclair Min Bets to Victory
17:08 Day 1c Has Started
17:08 Updated Top 10 Counts
17:08 Tavenier Crosses 100,000 mark
16:08 Restart
16:08 Level 8 started
15:08 Dinner Break
15:08 Judet Eliminated From the Tournament
15:08 Updated Chip Counts
15:08 Lappin Doubles Up Etelapera
15:08 Prescott Eliminated by Fechete
15:08 #QueenRules Attracted Molly Bloom to the Unibet Open
14:08 Level 7 started
14:08 Kingma Gives Up
14:08 Recent Eliminations
14:08 Lappin Makes Big Call
14:08 Lauttamus Picks Up a Pot
14:08 Unibet Poker Esports Update
13:08 Double Up for O’Kearney
13:08 Jorstad Chipping Up
13:08 Level 6 started
13:08 Color-Up Break
13:08 Molendijk Eliminated
13:08 If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It
12:08 Unfortunate Runout for Kingma
12:08 Top 10 Chipcounts
12:08 Level 5 started
12:08 15-Minute Break
12:08 The Hyper-Turbo Champion Joins the Field
11:08 Or Can’t Improve in Israelian Battle
11:08 Simpson, Lovgren, Grigore and De Jong Eliminated
11:08 Level 4 started
11:08 Di Cesare Makes Iordache Fold a Flush
10:08 Esports Players in the Building
10:08 Janssens Loses Big Flip
10:08 Few River Cards
10:08 Eliminations
10:08 Level 3 started
10:08 Break
09:08 Veditti Doubles Up Dairen
09:08 More and More Entries
09:08 Updated Chip Counts
09:08 Grimberg Moves All In
09:08 Level 2 started
08:08 New Names
08:08 Barba Limp-Three-Bets
08:08 Plenty of Room to Play
08:08 First Names
08:08 Shuffle Up and Deal
08:08 Level 1 started
07:08 Welcome to Day 1b of the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
Thursday 2nd
22:08 Turgeman Bags Chiplead on Day 1a; Zainescu and Moolhuizen Through With a Big Stack
21:08 End-of-Day Chip Counts
21:08 End-of-Day Chip Counts
20:08 Three More Hands
20:08 Zavorotnijs Chips Up
20:08 Recent Eliminations
20:08 Dragomir Sends Koko Home
20:08 Voican Takes it Down With Ace High
20:08 Level 11 started
19:08 Gicovanu Makes Bogdan Fold
19:08 Double Up for Menezes
19:08 Emelie Svenningsson In the Lead
19:08 Level 10 started
19:08 Kooij Bluffs Everything Away
18:08 Break
18:08 Eliminations
18:08 Updated Chip Counts
18:08 Small Pot for Olsen
18:08 Moolhuizen Stacking Up
17:08 Level 9 started
17:08 The Main Event Kicks Off at 11 A.M.
17:08 Bernhardsen Doubles Up With Quads
17:08 Vaseli Applying Pressure
17:08 Vaseli Holds in Big All-In Pot
17:08 Updated Top 10 Counts
16:08 Great Restart for Levi
16:08 Restart
16:08 Level 8 started
15:08 Dinner Break
15:08 Ionescu Chips Up Without Showdown
15:08 Nedelca Eliminated by English
15:08 De Jong Versus Byrne
15:08 Gukov Doubles Through Cohen
14:08 Level 7 started
14:08 Updated Chip Counts
14:08 Dahan Gains Chiplead, Baltatenu Eliminated
14:08 Bieliaiev Doubles Through Dahan
14:08 Fossaskaret Keeps Firing
14:08 Level 6 started
13:08 No Calls for Callens
13:08 Lecomte Gives Up
13:08 Break
13:08 Updated Chip Counts
12:08 Roervik Eliminated by Suliman
12:08 Updated Top 10 Counts
12:08 Level 5 started
12:08 Peters Gives Up
12:08 Break
12:08 Bachar Doubles Through Hizky
11:08 Action Slowing Down
11:08 Groza’s Bottom Pair is Good
11:08 Flashbacks for De Jong
11:08 Level 4 started
11:08 Hendriks Gets Value
10:08 Value for Suliman With the Nuts
10:08 Henriksen Has Kicker Problems
10:08 Top 10 Chipcounts
10:08 Level 3 started
10:08 First Break of the Day
09:08 Kooij Wins a Small Pot
09:08 Van Wesemael Happy He Started Early
09:08 Early Clash of Big Stacks
09:08 Xanthopoulos Makes Huynh Fold
09:08 First Eliminations
09:08 Level 2 started
09:08 Value for Suliman
08:08 Moolhuizen Starts Off Bluffing
08:08 Short Handed Play
08:08 First Names
08:08 Shuffle Up and Deal
08:08 Level 1 started


Bun venit la Bucuresti!

Unibet Open is heading to Bucharest this August with a four-day festival at the stunning JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. This will be the Unibet Open’s third visit to the Romanian capital and will feature numerous different tournaments including the flagship €1,100 Main Event.

Unibet Open, which is being run in conjunction with PokerFest Romania, takes place from August 2-5 in the heart of the capital. Unibet is expecting a big turn out after last year’s Main Event attracted more than 500 entries, creating a prize pool of over €500,000. As well as the €1,000 + €100 Main Event, the schedule also includes a two-day €2,000 + €200 High Roller plus several other side events including the popular Ladies Event which will be played as #QueenRules tournament. Unibet Poker is running a wealth of online satellites for the Main Event and there will also be live satellites held at the Marriott in the run-up to the festival. The DSO Cup will also make its way back to Bucharest, based on the success in Malta.

Among the big names set to compete are numerous Unibet ambassadors and sponsored eSports players including Irish Open winner Ian Simpson, Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin from Ireland, plus Espen Uhlen Jorstad, Daiva Byrne, Rauno Tahvonen and two-time Unibet Open champion Dan Murariu. Both former Bucharest champions – Marius Pertea who won last year and Traian Bostan who took down the inaugural event in 2016 – are expected to attend in a bid to win a second title.

Unibet Open Bucharest will have a live stream running on twitch.tv/unibetpoker throughout the festival with Unibet Ambassador and expert commentator David Vanderheyden joined by special guests to follow all the action from the feature table.

A special €10,000 invitational “Battle Royale” freeroll will also take place during Unibet Open Bucharest featuring Unibet’s sponsored eSports players battling it out for a €5,000 first prize. And for the second time we will pair Ambassadors with eSports players in exciting Tag Team tournament.


Off the felt, there will be plenty of opportunities for players to have fun at Unibet Open Bucharest. Unibet will be hosting a Welcome Drinks party at the Marriott Grand Hotel at the start of the festival followed by the lively Unibet Players Party on the Saturday night.


Come to Bucharest and let us treat you with the famous Unibet hospitality!



JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Calea 13 Septembrie 90
Bucharest, 050726

Tel: +40-21-4030000


JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Calea 13 Septembrie 90
Bucharest, 050726

Tel: +40-21-4030000


Tournament Schedule

Monday 30 July

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
17:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10,0007 levels1 Re-entry
19:00Monsterstack Day 1A€150 + €1520 min50,00010 levels1 Re-entry

Tuesday 31 July

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
17:00Satellite Main Event €150 + €1520 min10,0007 levels1 Re-entry
19:00Monsterstack Day 1B€150 +€1520 min50,00010 levels1 Re-entry

Wednesday 1 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Tag Team ChampionshipInvitational12 min20,000--
14:00Unibet DSO Cup Day 1€300 + €3040 min30,0009 levels1 Re-entry
15:00Monsterstack Day 2-20 min---
15:00Satellite Highroller€225 + €2515 min12,0007 levelsRe-entry
18:00Unibet Esports Battle Royale XInvitational30/20 min25,000--
19:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10,0007 levelsRe-entry
20:00NLH Highroller Day 1€2,000 + €20040 min30,0007 levelsRe-entry

Thursday 2 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
11:00Main Event Day 1A€1,000 + €10060 min30,0007 levels1 Re-entry (only on day 1C)
12:00NLH Highroller Day 2€2,000 + €20040 min30,0007 levelsRe-entry
13:00Unibet DSO Cup Day 2-40 min---
19:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10,0007 levelsRe-entry
21:00NLH Hyperturbo€150 + €1510 min15,0007 levelsFreezeout

Friday 3 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
11:00Main Event Day 1B€1,000 + €10060 min30,0007 levels1 Re-entry (only on day 1C)
15:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1515 min10,0007 levelsRe-entry
18:00#QUEENRULES (Ladies Event)€80 + €1020 min15,0007 levels1 Re-entry
20:00Main Event Day 1C€1,000 + €10020 min30,0007 levels1 Re-entry (only on day 1C)

Saturday 4 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event Day 2-60 min---
13:00PLO€200 + €2020/30 min15,0007 levels1 Re-entry
15:00NLH Superstack Day 1€300 + €3030 min25,0008 levels1 Re-entry
18:00Unibet Community FreerollInvitational10 min10,000--
20:00NLH Turbo€150 + €1515 min15,0008 levelsFreezeout

Sunday 5 August

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event Day 3 (Final Table)-60/45/30 min---
12:00NLH Superstack Day 2-40 min---
12:00NLH Progressive Superknockout (50%)€200 + €2015 min15,0008 levelsFreezeout
14:00NLH Hyperturbo€100 + €1010 min10,0007 levelsRe-entry
The TD reserves the right to change, amend or alter any pert of the schedule.
3% of all side events' prizepools and satellites' prizepools will be withheld to cover staffing costs.
All tournaments will be played under the TDA rules.
The NLH Highroller, NLH Superstack, NLH Progressive Superknockout, NLH Turbo and Hyperturbos will be using Big Blind Ante structure.


Welcome Drinks

Champions Bar, JW Marriott
Thursday, 2nd August
22:00 - 00:00

Players Party

FACE Kusin
Saturday, 4th August
From 23:00