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Paul Jux Holderness


Despite starting into the heads-up against Kron with a slight chip deficit and falling back further beyond very quickly, Jux Holderness admitted that he never felt nervous at all on the live stream table. A gutsy bluff with just six-high changed the momentum of the duel entirely and not even half an hour later it was all over when Kron got it in drawing dead.

Julien Kron


Keith Brennan


David Schable


Mick McCloskey


Michael Graham Brock


Henri Juho Kristian Koivisto


Jakub Groblewski


Joseph Ellis


Tournament Updates

Monday 26th
10:11 Paul Jux Holderness Wins the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event (€74,900)
Sunday 25th
20:11 Julien Kron Eliminated in 2nd Place (€46,550)
20:11 Jux Holderness Gains 2-1 Lead
19:11 Kron Folds the Best Hand
19:11 Level 29 started
19:11 Jux Holderness Bluff Jams
19:11 Kron Opens Up a Solid Lead
19:11 The Gap Widens
19:11 Level 28 started
19:11 One for Each at the Start of Heads Up
19:11 David Schable Eliminated in 4th Place (€23,750); Keith Brennan Eliminated in 3rd Place (€32,100)
18:11 Mick McCloskey Eliminated in 5th Place (€18,300)
18:11 Brennan Doubles Through McCloskey
18:11 The All In Festival Continues
18:11 Schable Reduced to Two Big Blinds
18:11 More Jams; No Bustouts
18:11 Level 27 started
18:11 Kron Remains Active
18:11 Michael Brock Eliminated in 6th Place (€14,050)
18:11 Jux Holderness Wins Biggest Flip of the Tournament So Far
17:11 One for Jux Holderness and Schable
17:11 McCloskey Finds a Double
17:11 Brennan Wins a Flip; McCloskey Short
17:11 Jux Holderness and Kron Even in Chips
17:11 Henri Koivisto Eliminated in 7th Place (€11,250)
17:11 Level 26 started
17:11 Brock Gets One Through; Break With 7 Remaining
16:11 Brock Doubles Through Brennan
16:11 Aces for McCloskey
16:11 Another Jam Goes Through
16:11 Jakub Groblewski Eliminated in 8th Place (€9,000)
16:11 Level 25 started
16:11 Brennan Doubles Through Schable
16:11 Big Double for Brennan
16:11 Redraw of the Unofficial Final Table
16:11 Joseph Ellis Eliminated in 9th Place (€7,200)
15:11 Jux Holderness Wins Flip Against McCloskey
15:11 McCloskey Gets Involved in the Action
15:11 Kron Flops a Full House Against Brock
15:11 Another Three-Bet Jam
15:11 Brock Folds Three Times
15:11 Level 24 started
15:11 Brock Claims the First Pot
15:11 The Last Nine are Back
14:11 Robbie McCormack Eliminated in 10th Place (€6,250)
14:11 Jams and More on the Feature Table
14:11 A Double for Jux Holderness
14:11 Kron Doubles Through McCloskey
14:11 Brennan Doubles McCormack; Plots Miracle Comeback
14:11 Jux Holderness Left Short
13:11 Brennan Doubles Once More
13:11 Patrick Clarke Eliminated in 11th Place (€6,250)
13:11 Schable Takes From Groblewski
13:11 McCormack in Trouble
13:11 Level 23 started
13:11 Limited Action on the Outer Table
13:11 Another Pot for Groblewski; Clarke Jams
13:11 Koivisto Flushes Brock
13:11 McCloskey Jams Into Schable
13:11 Brennan Loses to Brock Again
13:11 Brennan Doubles Through Brock
12:11 Groblewski Chipping Up
12:11 Brennan Loses Two
12:11 Slow Start on Feature Table
12:11 Koivisto Takes Lead on Outer Table
12:11 Level 22 started
10:11 Who Will be Crowned Champion of the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event?
02:11 11 Players Remain in the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event
01:11 End-Of-Day Chip Counts
01:11 Per Helge Gassand Eliminated in 12th Place (€5,450)
01:11 Kron Stops the Downfall
01:11 Jux Holderness Doubles Through Gassand
01:11 Brock Cements Lead
01:11 Kron Under Pressure on Outer Table
01:11 Koivisto Jams Into Gassand
01:11 Flush for McCloskey
00:11 Brock Takes One From Brennan
00:11 Level 21 started
00:11 Limited Action on Both Tables
00:11 Brennan Doubles Through McCormack
00:11 Rory De Vos Eliminated in 13th Place (€5,450)
00:11 Andy Black Eliminated in 14th Place (€4,750)
Saturday 24th
23:11 Slower Action on the Outer Table
23:11 McCormack Fires Three Barrels
23:11 A Double for De Vos
23:11 Groblewski Doubles Through Ellis
23:11 Level 20 started
23:11 Robert Franks Eliminated in 15th Place (€4,750)
23:11 One for McCormack
23:11 Brennan Pulls Further Away
23:11 John Farrell Eliminated in 16th Place (€4,750)
23:11 Cards Are Back in the Air
23:11 Elias Vaaraniemi Eliminated in 24th Place (€3,000)
23:11 Markus Heikkila Eliminated in 22nd Place (€3,350)
23:11 Gary Stokes Eliminated in 21st Place (€3,350)
23:11 Pierre de Montesquiou Eliminated in 19th Place (€3,750)
23:11 Sean Foley Eliminated in 17th Place (€4,750)
23:11 Redraw of the Last Two Tables
23:11 Gassand Wins a Strange One
23:11 Andrew Whitehouse Eliminated in 18th Place (€3,750)
22:11 Brock Flops Straight to Double
22:11 McCloskey Freerolls to Double Up
22:11 McCloskey Freerolls to Double Up
22:11 McCloskey Freerolls to Double Up
22:11 McCloskey Freerolls to Double Up
22:11 McCloskey Freerolls to Double Up
22:11 Peter Cahill Eliminated in 20th Place (€3,750)
22:11 Clarke Takes Big Pot Off de Montesquiou
22:11 Black Doubles Through Ellis
22:11 Level 19 started
22:11 Massive Double for Ellis
22:11 Jari Hurri Eliminated in 23rd Place (€3,350)
22:11 More for Koivisto
22:11 Back-to-Back Double Ups
21:11 Action Back Underway
21:11 Redraw of the Last Three Tables
21:11 Glaser Eliminated on Feature Table
21:11 Montrimas Busts to Koivisto
21:11 The Dream is Over for Lappin
20:11 Kron Jams Into Stokes
20:11 Redraw With 24 and Delayed Updates
20:11 Schable Doubles Through Foley
20:11 Level 18 started
20:11 Torissian Eliminated by Ellis
20:11 McCormack Above a Million; Fitzgerald on the Rail
20:11 De Vos Doubles
20:11 Hoodendijk’s Aces Won’t Hold
19:11 Souliotis Loses Flip
19:11 Jux Holderness Finishes Off Brunnberg
19:11 Level 17 started
19:11 Dinner Break Counts on Day 2
18:11 Dinner Break with 32 Remaining
18:11 Klassen Busts in Big Pot
18:11 Brennan Bad Beats Aantjes
18:11 Rabany Eliminated
18:11 Dowling Eliminated by Ellis
18:11 Assorted Counts
18:11 Glaser Sends Lowe to the Rail
17:11 Roller Coaster for Lowe; Ohman No More
17:11 Rabany Busts O’Neill
17:11 Hakala Busts in Brutal Fashion
17:11 Keown KO’d By Gassand
17:11 Nash Chops; Busts After
17:11 Level 14 started
17:11 No Chips For Niskanen
17:11 Linno Loses Almost All To Black
17:11 Glaser and Mertens Double
17:11 Lowe Doubles Through Brunnberg
17:11 Hotted89 Departs; 50 Players Remain
17:11 Mellanen’s Stack Melted; Miracle Triple Up Follows
17:11 Dara O’Kearney Talks About His Past as Marathon Runner; Sattelites and a Close Call in Las Vegas
17:11 The Bubble Bursts Without Hand-For-Hand
17:11 Min-Cash for O’Kearney
17:11 A Triple Up and Two Double Ups
17:11 Lecomte No More
17:11 Level 15 started
17:11 Level 16 started
15:11 Hakala Leaves Glaser in Trouble
15:11 Kron Bests Van Brabander
15:11 Vranken’s Grind Not Rewarded
15:11 No Cash for Bulboaca; Lappin Doubles
15:11 Simpson Vanishes; Foley Big; Glaser Short
15:11 Koivisto Bests Robinson
14:11 Covrig Eliminated by Mertens
14:11 Twitch Stream Underway
14:11 Level 13 started
14:11 First Break of Day With 76 Remaining
13:11 Two Double Ups in a Row
13:11 Petrascu Doubles Through Irwin
13:11 Montrimas Doubles Through Hakala
13:11 Assorted Counts and Bustouts
13:11 Huxley and Kevmath on the Rail
13:11 Nordli Busts in Three-Way All In
13:11 Level 12 started
13:11 Vaaraniemi With Massive Stack; King Gone
12:11 Stokes From Short Stack to Hero
12:11 Koivisto Takes a Hit; Keown Boosts Stack
12:11 Price Bests Kristoffersson
12:11 STPeach Among Early Day 2 Casualties
12:11 Byrne Gets a Early Double
12:11 Payout Information
12:11 Level 11 started
11:11 Day 2 of the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event Kicks Off at Noon
10:11 Day 2 Seat Draw
08:11 Ian Simpson Tops Day 1b; Daniel Clarke Bags the Lead on Day 1c
02:11 Keown Scores a Big Double
01:11 Kron Busts Leckey and Wiborg Amid Confusion
01:11 End-Of-Day 1b Chip Counts
00:11 End-Of-Day 1c Chip Counts
00:11 Three Final Hands for Day 1b
00:11 Metais No More
Friday 23rd
23:11 Huxley Takes a Hit
23:11 Veza Folds to Jam
23:11 Late Casualties on Day 1b
23:11 Walshe Runs Into a Better Pair
23:11 Tompkins More Than Doubles
23:11 Yanyuk Runs Into a Set
23:11 Level 10 started
23:11 Final Break for Day 1b
22:11 Double Knockout for Kron
22:11 Team Unibet is Chipping Up
22:11 Curry Takes a Hit
22:11 Feature Table Action
22:11 Uhlen Jorstad No More
22:11 Day 1c Update
22:11 Level 9 started
21:11 Rorholt Runs Out of Chips
21:11 Assorted Counts
21:11 Mullin Busts Kneepkens
21:11 Level 8 started
21:11 Dowling and Hurri Out; Vaka and King Thriving
21:11 Break After Level 7 for Day 1b
21:11 Ryan Busts to Tuit
20:11 Ojala Busts to Rorholt
20:11 Djarii, Sco and Svennoss on the Rail
20:11 Tompkins Thriving; Mc Cleery Eliminated
20:11 Registration for Day 1b Closed
19:11 Update on the esport Gamers
19:11 Level 7 started
19:11 Murariu No More in Day 1b
19:11 Cahill Can’t Beat Farrell
19:11 Assorted Counts From Level 6
19:11 Information Regarding the Turbo Heat 1c
19:11 Back in the Seats for Tables 18 and Higher
18:11 Dinner Break for the Second Half of the Field
18:11 “I wonder how you do it, Richie”
18:11 Sverkholt Busts to de Montesquiou
18:11 Curry Joins the Big Stacks
18:11 Notables and Big Stacks
17:11 More Casualties of the Current 1b Field
17:11 Walsh Cracks Aces to Bust McNamara; de Jong Also Falls
17:11 Fredrik Bergmann Talks esports and His Passion for Poker
17:11 Charmpilas Chips Up
17:11 Split Dinner Break Underway
17:11 Level 6 started
17:11 Pre Dinner Casualties
17:11 Acsinte Vanishes in Two Hands
17:11 New Feature Table Line Up
17:11 Assorted Counts
16:11 Vranken Back Above Starting Stack
16:11 Level 5 started
16:11 Stacey Runs Into Aces
16:11 Bergmann Eliminated by McMillan
16:11 Second Break of Day 1b
16:11 Clarke and Reard Among Casualties
16:11 Assorted Counts
15:11 Nguyen Busts to Simpson
15:11 More for Lappin and Simpson
15:11 Assorted Counts
15:11 Level 4 started
15:11 Twitch Stream Underway
15:11 Keown Off to a Good Start
14:11 Kadgien Builds Stack
14:11 Huxley Jams Up His Stack
14:11 Maschmann’s Stack Cut Down
14:11 The esports Crew Arrives
14:11 Level 3 started
14:11 Petterssen Doubles With Kings
14:11 First Break on Day 1b
13:11 Rinkevicius First to Bust
13:11 Assorted Counts
13:11 Simpson Takes From Beg
13:11 Sverkholt Prevails in Battle of Norwegians
13:11 Penttinen Takes from Veza
13:11 Kim Claims a Nice Pot
13:11 Level 2 started
12:11 Wedde in Early Lead; Lappin Takes a Pot
12:11 The Unibet Poker Ambassadors Have Arrived
12:11 The History of the Unibet Open at a Glance
12:11 Simpson Flops a Boat, Gets Paid
12:11 Flush for Maschmann
12:11 Szabo Starts Well
12:11 The First Notables on Day 1b
12:11 Level 1 started
11:11 Welcome to Day 1b and 1c of the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event
02:11 Koivisto Third in Chips After Day 1a, Sinclair and Van Brabander Among 24 Survivors
00:11 Day 1a Chip Counts
Thursday 22nd
23:11 Raluca Bulboaca Doubles Through Henrikson
23:11 More for Gassand; Three Last Hands
23:11 The Finns Are Taking Control
23:11 Groblewski Gets There to Beat Kayhko
23:11 Kevmath Gets a Late Double
23:11 The Rich Get Richer
22:11 Level 10 started
22:11 More for Koivisto After Aces Versus Kings Setup
22:11 Buckley Busts Liu
22:11 Buckley Busts Liu
22:11 Buckley Busts Liu
22:11 Buckley Busts Liu
22:11 Buckley Busts Liu
22:11 Rabany Busts Aganauskas
22:11 Sinclair Triples Up With Magic River
22:11 Hemsworth Jams at the Wrong Time
22:11 Gassand Takes Over the Lead
22:11 Andrey “reynad” Yanyuk Wins esports Battle Royale XI
22:11 Byrne Eliminated by Storm-Christensen
21:11 Second Break of the Day
21:11 Level 9 started
21:11 Final Break on Day 1a
21:11 Hanlon Busts to Koivisto
21:11 Segers Doubles through Ritchie
20:11 Rink Doubles Through Sinclair
20:11 Another One for Mellanen
20:11 Assorted Counts
20:11 Level 8 started
20:11 Mellanen Busts Corbjin
20:11 Two Bustouts and a Double
20:11 Post Dinner Casualties
20:11 Tucknott Jams Up Stack
20:11 Benny Glaser Wins the €2,200 High Roller!
20:11 Rink Takes From Kayhko
19:11 Registration for Day 1a Closed
19:11 Updated Counts
19:11 Level 7 started
18:11 Dinner Break on Day 1a
18:11 Moolhuizen Melted Away
18:11 Nordli Rivers the Nuts
18:11 Hoivold Among Pre Dinner Casualties
17:11 Heads-Up in the €2,200 High Roller
17:11 Tiainen Doubles With Quads
17:11 Black No More
17:11 Level 6 started
17:11 The High Roller Bubble Bursts
17:11 Kavanagh Out in the Main Event; Reard Ousted in High Roller
17:11 Shine Takes a Hit
17:11 Early Pot for Moolhuizen
17:11 Heikkila Doubles Through Muto
17:11 “Short and Sweet” Exit for Grimason
17:11 Klassen and Ohman Win Big Pots
16:11 Small Pot for Wilkens
16:11 Assorted Big Stacks
16:11 Level 5 started
15:11 More Day 1a Casualties
15:11 Shine and Wilkens Among Big Stacks
15:11 Dohany Calls Down Asen
15:11 Tucknott Takes From Groblewski
15:11 Updated Counts
15:11 Level 4 started
15:11 Vaaraniemi Jams Into Segers
14:11 Next Side Event Update
14:11 More for Niskanen and Vaaraniemi
14:11 Wals Takes From Brunnberg
14:11 Level 3 started
14:11 First Break of the Day
13:11 Black Chips Up Further
13:11 Segers and Mathers Win Pots
13:11 Black Leads the Field
13:11 Sidark Doubles Through Beukers
13:11 New Faces on Day 1a
13:11 Side Event Update
13:11 Level 2 started
12:11 Hladik Caught Bluffing
12:11 Olarescu Takes From Klassen
12:11 The Field is Growing
12:11 Dohany Chips Up
12:11 First Faces in the Field
12:11 Level 1 started
12:11 Welcome to Day 1a of the 2018 Unibet Open Dublin Main Event
Wednesday 1st
16:03 Gerret Van Lancker Wins Unibet Open London 2017 Main Event
Tuesday 28th
00:02 Gallagher Joins, Slips
00:02 Kuznetsov Cripples Bardon
00:02 Manuel Bardon Eliminated in 8th Place (£8,750)
00:02 Kevin Barden Eliminated in 7th Place (£10,940)
00:02 Rauno Tahvonen Eliminated in 6th Place (£13,650)
00:02 Set for Kuznetsov
00:02 Francis Foord-Brown Eliminated in 4th Place (£23,000)
00:02 Van Lancker Gets Value
Monday 27th
10:02 Van Lancker Makes a Monster Double
04:02 Bhavin Khatri Eliminated in 5th Place (£17,720)
Sunday 26th
22:02 The Heads-up has Begun
22:02 Dejan Govedic Eliminated in 2nd Place (£45,060)
21:02 Govedic Slowly Slipping
21:02 Govedic Picks Up Aces Again
21:02 Anton Kuznetsov Eliminated in 3rd Place (£31,070)
20:02 Chip Counts Heads-up
20:02 Van Lancker Gets Value From Kuznetsov
20:02 Break
20:02 Level 28 started
20:02 Two for Van Lancker
19:02 Slow Phase
19:02 Counts
19:02 Foord-Brown All-in
19:02 Counts
19:02 Level 27 started
19:02 Govedic Doubles Up Again
18:02 Chip Counts
18:02 Govedic Doubles Up
18:02 Level 26 started
18:02 Counts
17:02 Miracle Escape Saves Tahvonen
17:02 Dinner Break
17:02 Kuznetsov Takes From Foord-Brown
17:02 Tahvonen Escapes Again
17:02 Counts
16:02 Rauno Tahvonen Doubles
16:02 Govedic Doubles With Aces
16:02 Level 25 started
16:02 Barden Gets One Through
16:02 Tahvonen Also in Red Zone
16:02 Barden Getting Very Short
15:02 Counts
15:02 Level 24 started
15:02 Chip Counts
15:02 Break
14:02 Martin Gallagher Eliminated in 9th Place (£7,010)
14:02 45 Minute Delay
14:02 Van Lancker Doubles Through Foord-Brown
14:02 Final Table Seating and Counts
14:02 Krzysztof Jaguscik Eliminated in 10th Place (£6,110)
13:02 Fabio Miranda Eliminated in 13th Place (£5,470)
13:02 Tamer Kamel Eliminated in 12th Place (£5,470)
13:02 Pavlos Xanthopoulos Eliminated in 11th Place (£6,110)
13:02 Soft Hand-Over-Hand
13:02 Lucky Double Bardon Through Tahvonen
12:02 Coverage Starts At 1 p.m.
12:02 Where is Martin Gallagher?
11:02 Who Will Win the 2017 Unibet Open London Main Event?


Unibet Open is heading back to Dublin for the first time in seven years. The five-day festival will run from November 21 to 25 with plenty of opportunities for players to qualify for the Main Event online at Unibet Poker.

This is Unibet Open’s second visit to the Irish capital after the tour’s debut event there in 2011. As well as the flagship €1,000 + €100 Main Event, the packed schedule is set to include a two-day €2,000 + €200 High Roller plus several other side events including the popular €80 + €10 #QueenRules Ladies Event which will be hosted by Unibet Ambassador Daiva Byrne.

Unibet’s return to Dublin is especially welcome for Unibet Ambassadors Dara O’Kearney, David Lappin and Ian Simpson. O’Kearney cashed in the first Unibet Open Dublin back in 2011, Lappin is a Dubliner and Simpson proposed to his girlfriend Emma there immediately after winning the Irish Open in 2013.

O’Kearney, who hails from County Clare, said: “I’m thrilled that after a seven year absence the Unibet Open is coming back to Ireland. 2011 Dublin was my first Unibet Open and I’m delighted that another generation of Irish players will get the chance to experience all the atmosphere and craic that makes Unibet events so special. I’m also looking forward to welcoming all the Unibet regulars and Chip Race listeners to enjoy the unique experience that comes with playing in Ireland.”

Lappin added: “Unibet love to spoil their players so I’m absolutely delighted that the final Unibet Open of 2018 will be in my hometown of Dublin. Between the poker, the parties and the craic at the bar, it’s going to be an absolutely amazing event.”

Simpson, who won the Irish Open for €265,000 in 2013, said: “Playing poker in Dublin is especially sentimental to me. It’s where my poker journey started when I came fourth in the Irish Open in 2012. I went on to win the event the very next year, but more importantly won my wife Emma’s hand in marriage. Having Unibet run an event there is incredibly exciting, as our team is the best there is. Couple that with how much I love the city and the Irish poker community and you’ve got the perfect event for me.”

Unibet Open is expecting a huge turn out for November’s event. Poker is enormously popular in Ireland and Dublin has a rich heritage when it comes to hosting world-class tournaments. Once again, proceedings will be run 2016 November Niner Kenny Hallaert. Hallaert won a staggering four awards at this year’s Belgian Poker Awards including Performance of the Year and People’s Champion.

Unibet Open Dublin will have a live stream running on twitch.tv/unibetpoker throughout the festival with Unibet Ambassador and expert commentator David Vanderheyden joined by special guests to follow all the action from the feature table.

A special €10,000 invitational “Battle Royale” freeroll will also take place featuring Unibet’s sponsored eSports players battling it out for a €5,000 first prize.



Bonnington Hotel Dublin

Swords Road
Dublin 9


Bonnington Hotel Dublin

Swords Road
Dublin 9
D09 C7F8

+353 18373544
Email: info@BonningtonDublin.com



Tuesday 20 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
19:30Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10 000Start lel. 8 (22:05)Re-entry

Wednesday 21 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Tag Team ChampionshipInvitational15 min20 000-Freezeout
14:00Unibet DSO Cup - Day 1€300 + €3040 min30 000Start lel.10 (21:30)1 Re-entry
17:00Satellite Highroller€300 + €3012 min15 000Start lel. 8 (18:46)Re-entry
18:00Unibet Esports Battle Royale XIInvitational30/20 min25 000-Freezeout
19:30Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10 000Start lel. 8 (22:05)Re-entry
20:00Highroller (BBA) - Day 1€2000 + €20040 min30 000Start lel. 9 (Day 2 13:20)1 Re-entry

Thursday 22 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 1A€1000 + €10060 min30 000Start lel. 7 ( 19:30)1 Re-entry, only on Day 1 C
12:00Highroller (BBA) - Day 2€2000 + €20040 min30 000Starts lel. 9 (13:20)1 Re-entry
13:00Unibet DSO Cup - Day 2 -40 min---
16:00NLH Freezeout€200 + €2020 min15 000Start lel. 9 ( 19:40)Freezeout
20:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1520 min10 000Start lel. 8 (22:35)Re-entry

Friday 23 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 1B€1000 + €10060 min30 000Start lel. 7 (19:30)1 Re-entry, only on Day 1 C
16:00Satellite Main Event€150 + €1515 min10 000Start lel. 8 (17:55)Re-entry
20:00Flipout€45 + €5--See structureRe-entry
21;00Main Event - Day 1 C€1000 + €10020 min30 000Start lel. 7 (23:15)1 Re-entry, only on Day 1 C
22:00NLH Hyperturbo (BBA)€150 + €1510 min15 000Start lel. 9 (23:20)Freezeout

Saturday 24 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 2-60 min---
13:00Pot Limit Omaha€150 + €1520 min15 000Start lel. 9 (15:55)1 Re-entry
13:00#QUEENRULES (Ladies Event)€80 + €1030 min15 000Start lel. 9 (17:15)1 Re-entry
15:00SuperStack (BBA) - Day 1€300 + €3030 min25 000Start lel. 9 (20:15)Freezeout
18:00Unibet Community FreerollInvitational10 min10 000Start lel. 9 (19:35)Freezeout
20:00Irish Poker (BBA)€100 + €1015 min15 000Start lel. 9 (22:15)1 Re-entry

Sunday 25 November

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 3 - Final Table-60/45/30---
12:00SuperStack (BBA) - Day 2 -40 min---
12:00Progressive Superknockout (50%, BBA)€200 + €2020 min15 000Start lel. 9 (14:55)1 Re-entry
16:00NLH Hyperturo (BBA)€100 + €1010 min15 000Start lel. 9 (17:20)1 Re-entry
The TD reserves the right to change, amend or alter any part of the schedule. All tournaments will be played under the TDA Rules.
Some tournaments will be using Big Blind Ante structure (BBA).