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Daniel Jacobsen


Henri Piironen


Julien Stropoli


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Jan Eckert


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Nicolas Ludwicki


Final Day

Tournament Updates

Monday 28th
07:05 Daniel Jacobsen Wins the Unibet Open Malta Main Event (€60,090)
Monday 21st
00:05 Morra Shoves on Jacobsen
00:05 Eckert Wins a Three-bet Pot
Sunday 20th
18:05 Piironen Picks Wrong Time to Bluff
18:05 Henri Piironen Eliminated in 2nd Place (€37,160)
17:05 Level 27 started
17:05 Piironen Makes a Flush
16:05 Piironen Finally Wins One
16:05 Level 26 started
16:05 Piironen Slips Further
16:05 All Jacobsen
16:05 Jacobson Finds Queens
16:05 Heads-up Play Underway
15:05 Roberto Morra Eliminated in 4th Place (€18,980); Julien Stropoli Eliminated in 3rd Place (€25,630)
15:05 Big Difference in Stacks
15:05 Piironen Sees Through Morra
15:05 Level 25 started
15:05 Gin for Jacobsen
14:05 Jan Eckert Eliminated in 5th Place (€14,600)
14:05 Chip Counts After Level 23
14:05 Ilkka Heikkila Eliminated in 8th Place (€7,100)
14:05 Level 24 started
14:05 Eckert Triples Up
14:05 Morra Doubles Through Eckert
14:05 Kristof Segers Eliminated in 6th Place (€11,140)
13:05 Who Will Win the 2018 Unibet Open Malta Main Event?
13:05 Aces for Piironen
13:05 Miracle Runner-Runner Saves Eckert
13:05 Level 23 started
13:05 Break
13:05 Heikkila Gets Another Shove Through
13:05 Break
13:05 Jacobsen Doubles Through Stropoli
12:05 Jacobsen Flops Broadway
12:05 Chip Counts After Level 21
12:05 Piironen Gets Value with Ace-King
12:05 Heikkila Gets it Through
11:05 Stropoli Over Jacobsen
11:05 Segers With Ace-King
11:05 Jacobsen’s Shove Gets Morra to Fold
11:05 Segers Shoves on Heikkela
11:05 Nicolas Ludwicki Eliminated in 9th Place (€5,750)
10:05 Trips for Piironen
10:05 Eckert Takes the First One
10:05 2018 Unibet Open Malta Final Table
10:05 Walk On for the Players
10:05 Cards in the Air


The next Unibet Open will take place in the stunning country of Malta!

The event is being run in conjunction with Casino Malta and takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel in the buzzing resort of St. Julian’s from 16th-20th of May. The event will see Unibet Open joining forces with the Deepstack Open for the first time and gets under way with the two-day €300 + €30 buy-in Unibet Deepstack Open Cup which starts on Wednesday, May 16. The second and final day of the UDSO Cup will be live streamed on www.unibetopen.com.

Nataly Sopacuaperu, Unibet Open’s Head of Events, said: “We’re very excited about both this partnership. Malta is going to be a sensational event and it will be great for Unibet Open and Unibet Deepstack Open regulars to get the chance to meet up and compete against each other.”
Alex Henry, Head of Events of DeepStack Open: “We’re very happy to join forces with Unibet Open, it’s the opportunity to combine our forces and offer bigger events to European players.”

Unibet is expecting a huge turnout for Malta after a highly successful season launch in London last month. Among the big names set to compete are numerous Unibet ambassadors including Irish Open winner Ian Simpson, Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin from Ireland, plus Espen Uhlen Jorsad, Daiva Byrne, Rauno Tahvonen and two-time Unibet Open champion Dan Murariu.
The packed schedule at Unibet Open Malta will feature a total of 10 different tournaments. In addition to the €1,100 Unibet Open Main Event and the Unibet Deepstack Open Cup, the schedule includes a €220 NL Turbo Bounty tournament, a €330 SuperStack tourney and a special €110 buy-in Ladies Event hosted by Daiva Byrne. Satellites are already under way on www.unibet.co.uk/poker awarding full prize packages worth €2,000 for the Unibet Open Malta Main Event.

Every player who enters Unibet Open Malta will be racking up points in the new Unibet Player of the Year contest. The race was launched in London last month and is the first involving both live and online tournaments. Huge prizes are on offer including €2,000 Unibet Open packages as well as dozens of tickets for online satellites. The spectacular Battle of the Champions’ play-off will determine the overall Unibet Player of the Year and will feature the top four live players from 2018, the top four online players and the leaderboard winner from the Unibet Deepstack Open.
Live players can earn leaderboard points by entering any Unibet Open Main Event this year as well as the Main Events during the Unibet Belgian Poker Championship, the Unibet UK Poker Tour and the Unibet Romanian Poker Series. There will be extra points for all players who make the money as well as additional points awarded based on performance.

See you in Malta!



Casino Malta

Eden Place St Augustine Street,
St George's Bay,
San Ġiljan STJ 3310,


InterContinental Hotel

St George`S Bay,
St Julians,
St Julian's STJ 3310,


Unibet Open Malta Schedule

Wednesday 16 May

Time Event Buy-In Levels Startstack Reg. Close Entry Type
12:00 Unibet DeepStack Open - Day 1 €300 + €30 40 min 30,000 Start lvl. 10 1 Re-Entry
18:00 Unibet eSports Battle Royale IX Invitation Only 30/20 min 25,000 - Freezeout
19:00 Satellite Main Event €150 + €15 20 min 10,000 Start lvl. 7 Re-Entry

Thursday 17 May

Time Event Buy-In Levels Startstack Reg. Close Entry Type
12:00 Main Event - Day 1A €1,000 + €100 60 min 30,000 Start lvl. 7 Freezeout
13:00 Unibet Deepstack Open - Day 2 - 40 min - - -
19:00 Satellite Main Event €150 + €15 20 min 10,000 Start lvl. 7 Re-Entry

Friday 18 May

Time Event Buy-In Levels Startstack Reg. Close Entry Type
12:00 Main Event - Day 1B €1,000 + €100 60 min 30,000 Start lvl. 7 Freezeout
18:00 @QUEENRULES (Ladies Event) €80 + €10 20 min 15,000 Start lvl. 7 1 Re-Entry
20:00 NLH Turbo €150 + €15 15 min 15,000 Start lvl. 7 Freezeout

Saturday 19 May

Time Event Buy-In Levels Startstack Reg. Close Entry Type
12:00 Main Event - Day 2 - 60 min - - -
13:00 Pot Limit Omaha €200 + €20 20/30 min 15,000 Start lvl. 7 1 Re-Entry
15:00 Superstack - Day 1 €300 + €30 30 min 20,000 Start lvl. 9 1 Re-Entry
20:00 Turbo Bounty (€100 Bounty) €200 + €20 15 min 15,000 Start lvl. 9 Freezeout

Sunday 20 May

Time Event Buy-In Levels Startstack Reg. Close Entry Type
12:00 Main Event - Day 3 - Final Table - 60 min - - -
12:00 SuperStack - Day 2 - 40 min - - -
13:00 NLH Progressive Superknockout (50%) €160 + €15 15 min. 15,000 Start lvl. 9 1 Re-Entry


Welcome Drinks

SkyBeach Intercontinental
Thursday, 17th May

Player Party

Gian Pula Main Room
Saturday, 19th May