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Andreas Wiborg


The 2018 Unibet Open £990 Main Event has determined a champion and it was Andreas Wiborg that lifted the trophy. The first stop of Season 11 of the popular tournament series gathered a field of 349 entries at “The Vic” to create a prize pool of £314,100 with the top 47 spots in the money.

The 22-year-old student from Bergen, Norway defeated Jonathan Schuman heads-up for the title and took home £56,807, obliterating his previous best cash on the live circuit. Before heads-up got underway, Wiborg cut a deal with Jonathan Schuman to leave the trophy and £6,500 up for grabs. The one-versus-one duel lasted all but half an hour.

Jonathan Schuman


Christopher Yong


Honglin Jiang


Oliver White


Jussi Vanhanen


Laurent Polito


Tony Blanchandin


Thomas Cazayous


Main Event - Final Day


Tournament Updates

Friday 18th
21:05 Jonathan Schuman Eliminated in 2nd Place (£49,483)
Monday 26th
06:02 Andreas Wiborg Wins the 2018 Unibet Open London Main Event (£56,807)
Sunday 25th
20:02 Heads Up Deal Agreed
20:02 Wiborg Pulls Away Further Again
20:02 A Double for Schuman
19:02 No Showdown in Sight
19:02 Three-Bet Pot Goes to Wiborg
19:02 Chop It Up
19:02 Level 28 started
18:02 Wiborg’s Trips Establish Solid Lead
18:02 Back to Even in Chips
18:02 Heads Up Underway
18:02 Christopher Yong Eliminated in 3rd Place (£28,080)
18:02 Big Double for Schuman
18:02 Play Resumes; No Deal in Play
17:02 Three-Handed Stack Sizes
17:02 Honglin Jiang Eliminated in 4th Place (£20,800)
17:02 Level 27 started
17:02 Aces Versus Jacks Setup Vaults Wiborg Into the Lead
17:02 Wiborg Jams Into Yong
17:02 Small Pots Only
17:02 Wiborg Jams Up Stack
17:02 The Stacks Even Out
16:02 Oliver White Eliminated in 5th Place (£16,000)
16:02 Level 26 started
16:02 Schuman Wins a Big Flip Against White
16:02 Jiang a Hero at the Wrong Time
16:02 Jiang takes Bigger Pot off Wiborg
16:02 Yong Jams Up His Stack
16:02 White Meets Resistance
16:02 Level 25 started
16:02 Updated Counts After Level 24
15:02 White Doubles Through Yong
15:02 Schuman Bests White in Showdown
15:02 Schuman Gets White to Fold
15:02 Jiang and Yong Chop It Up
15:02 White Avoids Chop; Builds Stack Without Showdown
15:02 Jussi Vanhanen Eliminated in 6th Place (£12,310)
15:02 Level 24 started
15:02 Yong Takes from Vanhanen
15:02 Fortunate Double for Schuman
14:02 White Takes from Yong
14:02 More for Wiborg
14:02 Vanhanen Shoves Into Yong
14:02 No Big Action Between the Chip Leaders
14:02 Small Pot for Wiborg
14:02 Tony Blanchandin Eliminated in 8th Place (£7,880)
14:02 Laurent Polito Eliminated in 7th Place (£9,850)
14:02 Yong Takes from Wiborg
14:02 Wiborg Flushes Schuman
13:02 Schuman Forces Polito to Fold; Shows Straight
13:02 Wiborg Picks Up Aces
13:02 White Takes From Vanhanen
13:02 No Flops in Sight
13:02 Thomas Cazayous Eliminated in 9th Place (£6,300)
13:02 Vanhanen Chips Up with a Straight
13:02 Raise and Take Its at the Start
13:02 Action Underway on the Final Table
12:02 Who Will Win the 2018 Unibet Open London Main Event?
Thursday 22nd
11:02 More Players Are Trickling In
11:02 Van Lancker Claims First Pot
11:02 Level 1 started
10:02 Day 1a of the 2018 Unibet Open London Main Event Kicks Off at 11am


Players from all over the world will return to London once again for the Unibet Open Poker Tour 2018. From 22-25 February 2018, qualifiers will get access to the 11th season of this world-class casino tournament, along with hospitality, great parties and exclusive events.

Unibet Open London will be hosted at the Grosvenor Casino in London, better known as ‘The Vic”. This historic poker room in the heart of London will be the setting for the 7th Unibet Open ever held in London, with last year’s tournament boasting an impressive total prize pool of £229,150. Gerret Van Lancker of the Belgium was crowned champion, with a winning a total of £71,950.



Grosvenor Victoria Casino "The Vic"

150-162 Edgware Rd
Marylebone, London
W2 2DT


Hilton London Metropole

225 Edgware Rd
W2 1JU


Monday 19 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
20:00Satellite Main Event£150 + £1520 min.10,000-Re-Entry

Tuesday 20 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
20:00Satellite Highroller£300 + £3020 min.15,000-Re-Entry

Wednesday 21 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
19:00eSports SNG-30/20 min.25,000--
19:00Satellite Main Event£150 + £1520 min.10,000-Re-Entry
20:00NLH Highroller - Day 1£2,000 + £20040 min.30,000-1 Re-Entry

Thursday 22 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
11:00Main Event - Day 1A£900 + £9060 min.30,000Start lvl 7Freezeout
12:00NLH Highroller - Day 2£2,000 + £20040 min.30,000Start lvl 8-
20:00Satellite Main Event£150 + £1520 min.10,000Start lvl 7Re-Entry

Friday 23 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
11:00Main Event - Day 1B£900 + £9060 min.30,000Start lvl 7Freezeout
21:00NLH Turbo£150 + £1515 min.15,000Start lvl 8-

Saturday 24 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 2-60 min.---
14:00UO Deepstack - Day 1£300 + £3030/40 min.20,000Start lvl 91 Re-Entry
15:00Ladies Event£100 + £1030 min.15,000Start lvl 81 Re-Entry
21:00Turbo Bounty (£100 Bounty)£200 + £2015 min.15,000Start lvl 7-

Sunday 25 February

TimeEventBuy-InLevelsStartstackReg. CloseEntry Type
12:00Main Event - Day 3 - Final Table-60 min.---
12:00UO Deepstack - Day 2-40 min.---
13:00NLH Turbo£100 + £1015 min.10,000Start lvl 7-