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Traian Bostan


Local player Traian Bostan completed a Cinderella story to come back from less than four big blinds and emerge victorious.

Eli Heath


Adrian Stefan Calusaru


Cosmin Cimpeanu


Gabriel Gavrila


Dan Murariu


Eugen Chiva


Ionut-Alin Tambura


Juho Launonen


Tournament Updates

Sunday 4th
22:12 Traian Bostan Wins the Record-Breaking 2016 Unibet Open Bucharest (€100,000)
21:12 Eli Heath Eliminated in 2nd Place (€64,200)
21:12 Heath Loses a Bigger One
21:12 Bostan Folds to Shove
21:12 Level 32 started
21:12 Bostan’s Lead Grows Again
21:12 Standing Still
21:12 Bostan Flops Trips
20:12 Back to Square One
20:12 Straight for Heath
20:12 Important Pot for Heath
20:12 Level 31 started
20:12 Break for the Final Duo
20:12 Bostan Extends Lead
20:12 Heath Climbing Back
20:12 Bostan Forces Fold; Then Chops
19:12 Many Smaller Pots
19:12 A Dry Spell
19:12 Level 30 started
19:12 Another Ace for Bostan; Heath Gets some Back
19:12 Four-Bet Jam by Heath
19:12 Some More for Bostan
19:12 Bostan Dominates Early Heads Up Stage
18:12 Adrian Stefan Calusaru Eliminated in 3rd Place (€44,200)
18:12 Bostan and Calusaru Win Pots
18:12 Heath Takes a Limped Pot
18:12 Heath Takes Control
18:12 The Stacks of the Last Three
18:12 Level 29 started
17:12 Dinner Break for the Final Trio
17:12 Calusaru Doubles With Queens
17:12 Heath Takes the Lead
17:12 Heath Takes Twice from Calusaru
17:12 Bostan Calls Down Calusaru
17:12 Bostan Bests Calusaru
17:12 Bostan Takes from Heath in Big Pot
16:12 Cosmin Cimpeanu Eliminated in 4th Place (€32,800)
16:12 Heath and Calusaru Battle
16:12 Level 28 started
16:12 Calusaru Takes Some
16:12 Gabriel Gavrila Eliminated in 5th Place (€25,200)
16:12 Heath Bests Cimpeanu
16:12 Cimpeanu Takes from Calisaru
16:12 Dan Murariu Eliminated in 6th Place (€19,400)
15:12 Heath Takes Two
15:12 Bostan Takes from Heath
15:12 Eugen Chiva Eliminated in 7th Place (€15,500)
15:12 Level 27 started
15:12 Murariu Shoves and Shows
15:12 Break for the Last Seven Players
15:12 Ionut-Alin Tambura Eliminated in 8th Place (€12,400)
15:12 Bostan Takes from Calusaru
15:12 Bostan Wins Flip to Double Through Murariu
14:12 Another Pot for Bostan
14:12 Rush for Bostan
14:12 Two Pair for Murariu
14:12 Aces for Tambura
14:12 Bostan more than Triples Up
14:12 Murariu Takes from Chiva
14:12 Chiva Takes one Down
14:12 Level 26 started
14:12 Pocket Threes are Good for Murariu and Cimpeanu
14:12 More for Calusaru; Heath Three-Bets
14:12 Calusaru in the Lead
14:12 Who Will Win the 2016 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event Title?
14:12 The Final Table Line Up
13:12 Roei Motola Eliminated in 10th Place (€8,900)
13:12 Gordon Plomp Eliminated in 11th Place (€8,900)
13:12 Cristian Dan Eliminated in 14th Place (€7,120)
13:12 Martin Wendt Eliminated in 13th Place (€8,000)
13:12 William Hens Eliminated in 12th Place (€8,000)
13:12 Juho Launonen Eliminated in 9th Place (€9,910)
13:12 Action Underway
13:12 Nikita Malinovskiy Eliminated in 15th Place (€7,120)
13:12 Calusaru Takes from Chiva
13:12 Cimpeanu Wins Big Flip Against Heath
13:12 Launonen Doubles Through Gavrila
12:12 Heath Gets Some Back
12:12 Tambura Takes from Launonen
12:12 First Break of the Day
12:12 Level 25 started
12:12 Cimpeanu Takes from Murariu
12:12 Calusaru Shoves; Claims Pot
12:12 Motola Doubles Through Tambura
12:12 Launone Shoves into Chiva; Bostan into Murariu
12:12 Heath vs Bostan
11:12 Five-Bet Shove by Gavrila
11:12 Murariu Shoves into Heath
11:12 Motola Folds to Three-Bet; Calusaru Shoves
11:12 Level 24 started
11:12 Murariu Doubles Through Malinovskiy
11:12 Launonen Takes from Tambura
11:12 Heath Stays Active
10:12 Plomp Shoves Twice
10:12 Chiva vs Gavrila
10:12 Cimpeanu Shoves on Dan
10:12 Heath Takes from Malinovskiy
10:12 A Split Pot to Start
10:12 Wendt Doubles Through Motola
10:12 Level 23 started
09:12 Start at 12 PM; Updates Half an Hour Delayed
01:12 Eli Heath Leads Final 15; Dan Murariu in Contention for Third Unibet open Title in Bucharest
01:12 Jakob Linden Eliminated in 25th Place (€4,560)
01:12 Catalin Moraru Eliminated in 24th Place (€4,560)
01:12 Eszter Fabian Eliminated in 22nd Place (€5,090)
01:12 Momentum for Dan
01:12 Heath Takes Big Pot Off Langfeldt
01:12 Dejan Govedic Eliminated in 18th Place (€5,680)
00:12 End-Of-Day Counts
Saturday 3rd
23:12 Motola’s Range is Pocket Kings
23:12 Redraw of the Last Two Tables
23:12 Day 2 Ends with 15 Players
23:12 Bogdan Diaconu Eliminated in 16th Place (€6,380)
23:12 Murariu Flushes Dan
23:12 Wendt Doubles with Aces
23:12 Hens Finds a Double
23:12 Chiva Takes from Avrila
23:12 Nicolay Langfeldt Eliminated in 17th Place (€6,380)
23:12 Cristian Tardea Eliminated in 19th Place (€5,680)
23:12 Tambura Doubles Through Govedic
22:12 Launonen and Langfeldt Meet Twice
22:12 Launonen Doubles Through Calusaru
22:12 Cimpeanu Takes from Plomp
22:12 Last Level of the Day
22:12 Level 22 started
22:12 Wendt Folds to Shove; Govedic Gets Some
22:12 Chiva Takes from Murariu
22:12 Last Break of the Day
22:12 Aldo Monteleone Eliminated in 20th Place (€5,680)
22:12 Motola Doubles Through Monteleone
21:12 Heath Takes from Langfeldt
21:12 Adrian Bizineche Eliminated in 21st Place (€5,090)
21:12 Iustin Cojocaru Eliminated in 23rd Place (€5,090)
21:12 Heath and Tambura Build Stack
21:12 Level 21 started
21:12 Motola Doubles Through Murariu
20:12 Bogdan Petrascu Eliminated in 26th Place (€4,560)
20:12 Daniel Juul Eliminated in 27th Place (€4,090)
20:12 Murariu Up to a Million
20:12 Monteleone Takes on Chiva
20:12 Govedic and Cojocaru Shove
20:12 Restart of the Last Three Tables
20:12 Level 20 started
20:12 Maymon Exits in 28th Place
20:12 Spicer Busts to Calusaru
20:12 Break With 27 Remaining
19:12 Perlinen Busts to Morariu
19:12 Langfeldt Busts Balaiasa
19:12 Idziak’s Deuces no Good
19:12 Suddenly 33 Left
19:12 Sobanski Busts to Malinovskiy
19:12 Heikkila Takes 37th Place
19:12 Ani and Suominen on the Rail
19:12 De Zutter Runs out of Chips
19:12 Level 19 started
19:12 Three-Way All In on the Feature Table
18:12 Dan Sends Cirtog and Haeggblom to the Rail
18:12 Murariu Busts Hamo
18:12 Parnica Busts to Langfeldt
18:12 Murariu Gets Bigger
18:12 Suominen Busts Ghafoor
18:12 Plomp Doubles
18:12 Nouar Eliminated
18:12 Eli Turns on the Heat(h)
17:12 Level 18 started
17:12 Lecomte Among the Next Casualties
17:12 Petcu and Jerusalem Eliminated
17:12 De Zutter Doubles; Laurentjoye Busts
17:12 Hila Busts to Ghafoor
17:12 Down to 82 Players as Rusu Runs into Gavrila’s Aces
17:12 Dehlia de Jong Eliminated in 50th Place
17:12 Koko Busts to Langfeldt
17:12 Dinner Break With 46 Left
16:12 Motola Busts Boszormenyi
16:12 Sochanek Eliminated, Linden Not
16:12 The Nightmare of de Zutter
16:12 Cimpeanu Doubles Through Heikkila
16:12 Linden’s Wild Ride
16:12 Wendt Doubles
16:12 Two Seat Open on Table Four
16:12 Malinovski Wins with big Quads
15:12 Hedelin and Manolea Bust to de Zutter
15:12 Level 17 started
15:12 Bizineche Doubles
15:12 Down to 69 Players
15:12 Open the Floodgates!
15:12 The First Duo in the Money
15:12 Martin Soukup Bubbles in Bucharest
15:12 Popov Doubles on the Bubble
15:12 One for Ani; Monteleone Folds to Shove
14:12 Assorted Counts
14:12 Level 16 started
14:12 Break on the Bubble
14:12 Govedic Wins Small Pot
14:12 Ghafoor Doubles in Dramatic Fashion
14:12 Hand-For-Hand on the Money Bubble
14:12 Heikkila Bad Beats Uijtendaal
14:12 Spicer and Cojocaru Double; Guiodo Busts
13:12 Three Further Casualties
13:12 Lindberg Busts to van Belzen
13:12 Level 15 started
13:12 De Zutter Busts Haglund; Doubles Lecomte
13:12 Glimne and Ciuciuc Eliminated
13:12 Hens Takes the Gift of Georgescu
13:12 Wendt Flushes Spicer
12:12 Down to 93 Players
12:12 “Why Don’t You Bluff?
12:12 Manolea Folds to de Zutter’s Push
12:12 Duane Doubles
12:12 Updated Counts for Level 14
12:12 Level 14 started
12:12 Day 2 Seat Draw
12:12 Langfeldt Doubles Through Georgescu
12:12 Nabavieh Busts In Three-Way Pot
12:12 The First Break of the Day
11:12 Buskila Busts to Petcu
11:12 Bad Beat for Arda
11:12 Wittikko Aces Secure a Double
11:12 Updated Counts
11:12 Easy Come, Easy Go
11:12 Papazian and Liimatta Among the Next Casualties
11:12 Manolea Busts Chirieci
11:12 Maymon Gets Lucky
11:12 Stircu Eliminated
11:12 Level 13 started
11:12 Table Runs Out of Players
10:12 Poteras Takes from Hila
10:12 Almost Two Dozen Players Out
10:12 Tardea Back to Average
10:12 De Jong gets Pushed Around
10:12 Liszkovics Among Casualties
10:12 Buskila Pays off Boszormenyi
10:12 Jadav is Fighting
10:12 The First Casualties of the Day
10:12 The Prize Pool Information
10:12 Day 2 Underway
10:12 Level 12 started
08:12 Welcome to Day 2 of the 2016 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event
08:12 Start-Of-Day Chip Counts
02:12 2016 Unibet Open Bucharest: Gabriel Gavrila Tops Day 1b; Joni Liimatta with Top 10 Stack
02:12 End-Of-Day Counts
01:12 Assorted End-Of-Day Chip Counts
00:12 Malinen Doubles Through Chiva
Friday 2nd
23:12 Shmerling Busts to Liszkovics
23:12 One Busts Stack with a Bluff
23:12 Gavrila Takes some More
23:12 The Last Five Hands Are Announced
23:12 Late Challengers for the Lead
22:12 Approaching the Last 100
22:12 De Zutter Keeps Stacking
22:12 Tavoularis Busts Kuglis
22:12 A Selection of Stacks
22:12 Level 11 started
22:12 Marillaud takes from Petrascu
22:12 Niski Busts Ripoll
22:12 Last Break of the Night
22:12 Liimatta Lets Petcu Take One
22:12 Mitchell Scores Big Double
22:12 Barauskaite Busts to Bechrakis
21:12 Ilies Eliminated
21:12 Alfasi Busts; O’Kearney Shoves
21:12 Van Belzen Doubles
21:12 Level 10 started
21:12 Egan Shows the Bluff
21:12 Boldi Busts in Cruel Fashion
21:12 A Couple of Big Stacks
20:12 Harkes Has Aces Cracked; Busts
20:12 Petrascu Wins Flip against Dimuleasa
20:12 Bentolia Loses Flip to Ilies
20:12 Papazian With an Old Trick up his Sleeve
20:12 Lappin No More
20:12 Level 9 started
20:12 Ben Chamo Triples and Petrov Busts
20:12 Another Break is in Order
19:12 Karidi Triples
19:12 Malinen Can Sit Down Again
19:12 Kadziela Shoves the Turn
19:12 Marillaud and de Zutter Thriving, Ploch Doubles
19:12 Side Event Update
19:12 Arnsby and Menard Eliminated
19:12 Hagen Sends Lucian to the Rail
19:12 Agavriloae Triples Up
19:12 Level 8 started
19:12 Shmerling Busts Two
18:12 Down to 200 Players
18:12 Diaz Eliminated, Nabavieh Thriving
18:12 Moolhuizen Busts to One
18:12 Ruxandescu Busts to van Belzen
18:12 Manole and Wejner Among Post-Dinner Casualties
18:12 Grecu Doubles Through Minea
18:12 Short Stack Trouble
18:12 Registration Closed
18:12 Level 7 started
17:12 Assorted Dinner Counts
17:12 Dinner Break!
17:12 Wejner Doubles
16:12 More Casualties just Before Dinner
16:12 Grigorescu Wins Flip Against Lungu
16:12 Some Updated Counts
16:12 Egan Busts Simpson
16:12 Seven Builds Stack
16:12 Ilies Doubles With Quads, de Zutter Stacked
16:12 De Zutter and Ilies Lead the Way
16:12 Pre-Dinner Casualties
16:12 Big Double for Vasile
16:12 Meier Busts Baranauskas
16:12 Mohammad Builds Stack
16:12 Level 6 started
15:12 The Field is Shrinking
15:12 Souliotis Loses Flip to Petcu
15:12 Zhon Hu Takes from Diaz
15:12 Updated Counts
15:12 Level 5 started
14:12 Vaisanen Also Among the big Stacks
14:12 Second Break for Day 1b
14:12 O’Kearney Builds Stack
14:12 Soderstrom and Cummins Among Bustouts
14:12 The Mannequin Challenge in Motion
14:12 Alfassi Back in Action
14:12 Bad News for Ludwicki and Lestrade
13:12 De Jong Gets Some Value
13:12 The Current Big Stacks
13:12 Level 4 started
13:12 Almost Two Dozen Casualties
13:12 Hedelin Busts Constantin
13:12 Maria Eliminated
13:12 Manole Wins Small Pot
13:12 Updated Counts for Level 3
13:12 Lungu Busts One
12:12 Level 3 started
12:12 First Break and Mannequin Challenge
12:12 Papazian on Board
11:12 Azulay Gets Langfeldt to Fold
11:12 Sabau Escapes from Elimination
11:12 MyStack Available for this Event
11:12 Further Early Casualties
11:12 Simpson Gets Away with a Missclick
11:12 Koko Takes from Maria
11:12 An iPhone for Nedelcu
11:12 Moolhuizen Shoves On Eretz
11:12 Dumitrache Battles Against Ardai
11:12 Level 2 started
11:12 A Table to Look Out For
11:12 Kneepkens Scores Full Double Through Alfassi
10:12 Two Seat Open Already!
10:12 More Familiar Faces on Board
10:12 Hedelin Gets Paid off by Minea
10:12 Barauskaite and Diaz Meet Again
10:12 Simpson Takes on Manole
10:12 Early Notables
10:12 Time to Make History and Fun
09:12 Day 1b of the 2016 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event Starts at 12 PM


The beautiful city of Bucharest will host a €500,000 guaranteed main event for the Unibet Open Poker Tour 2016 from 1st – 4th December.
The season finale in Romania will be capped at 800 players and organisers estimate a record-breaking event.

This is the largest guarantee that the Swedish operator has offered in the tour’s nine-year history and signals the growing popularity of this unique event.

“We have worked with Pokerfest Romania for a couple of months to put everything in place. We are extremely happy to up the cap to 800 and GTD half a million. This is the biggest event we have ever done,” said Nataly Sopacuaperu, Head of Live Events at Unibet.

Players will stay at the luxury-grade Marriott hotel and will be treated to the famous Unibet hospitality, including welcome drinks, players’ party and lots of activities away from the poker table.

As usual, all of the action will be streamed live at www.twitch.tv/unibetpoker with commentators and online qualifiers for the event will kick off in the next couple of weeks at www.unibet.com/poker.



PokerFest Club


JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Calea 13 Septembrie 90
Bucharest, 050726

Tel: +40-21-4030000


18+ Only RON for cash buy-ins. Payment with credit or debit card available.
Registration for the Main Events opens two hours before the tournament starts. Late registrations 4 levels includes full stack.

Registration for the side events opens one hour before each tournament starts.

Main event Day 1A & 1B ten 1 hour levels each day (12:00-23:45). Late registration and alternates for main event up till fourth level. 15 min breaks after every two levels, one dinner break of 60 mins. No Smoking at the ballroom.


Players Party

Player Club Bucharest
1 Montreal Square, Bucharest